Photographing Scientologists


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"and there is a woman in Australia now who appears to be bringing children from Taiwan, grooming them in Australia for recruitment into the Sea Org and transporting them to the USA (presumably Hemet).

- Should we attempt to be more subtle about photographing them or should it be a part of the pressure applied to them?
- Can any exes shed light on whether or not the pressure put on them by photographing them helps push them out of the cult or further in?
- Does the child trafficking give enough justification for photographing children?
- How does it make us look to the general public and to Scientologists be doing this?

Looks like you just wrote a hell of a handout flyer.. add some links
All cameranons should stuff those in their back pocket for handouts...


It's even worse than you think


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I note that the scilons love to stick cameras in the faces of protesters. I think this practice is very introverting. If we turn the cameras toward the scilons, I believe that it introverts THEM. This is good because it forces them to question their position.

It's much easier to keep someone in a cult if you insulate them from the outside world. Protests and particularly cameras directed at the individual shake the validity of the cos to the scilon, if only a little.

When I was in, I found it very difficult to defend my beliefs if seriously questioned. If the questions were conversational, my responses were easy. If the questions were challenging and probing and consistent, it was tough and I'd spend days or weeks or months reflecting on the validity of my position.

The notion that belief in scientology doesn't need a defense is wrong. The notion that a believer won't be questioning his belief is very wrong.

Turning the attention on the scilons is a great idea. That's what the St. Pete times and Anderson Cooper and Anonymous are doing. I think it's working. :thumbsup:


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Thanks for all the posts. I think that I will continue to photograph, but just to document. If it enturbulates, it enturbulates. If it opens up comm lines I will use them.

Thanks for the tip Arnie, you have given me another idea. It would help to have signs and flyers written in Chinese... And with a photos. Aus has a huge Chinese community.