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Apart from the idea mentioned in another thread about signs like:
"Free the Scn 50"
"Why did Rinder Blow"
"Ask DM where Greg Wilhere is?" etc

how about an Inc 1 picket?

Dress as cherubs. Have a chariot. A boom box with trumpet music.

I think it would generate sufficient "WTF's" from any one that saw it that they would 'have to find out more'.

Plus, the idea of cherubs running around Int just amuses teh hell out of me.



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How about a 'false-flag' routine in which people go to something like the Gay Pride festival and pretend to be Scientologists?

Make big banners of Quintin Hubbard that say "L Ron Hubbard loved his dead gay son!" (With apologies to the screenwriter for "Heathers")

Or go to a NORMAL (pro drug legalization group) gathering with posters with quotes from Hubbard (they don't even have to be true) extolling the virtues of "Pinks and greys" or other drugs. A photoshopped picture of Hubbard made up to look like Bob Marley would be good too.

If we really wanted to be mean, we could show up at a Namba (pro pedophile group) rally (assuming there are such rallies) with pictures of Hubbard alongside his teeny-bopper "messengers" with quotes from Hubbard about how much he "enjoyed' them.

Anyone who goes to any of these gatherings would all dress up in SO-like clothes and wear silvered sunglasses like state troopers. All would wear dour and serious expressions throughout. Saluting one another and moving in lock-step or "goosestepping" would be a nice touch as well. But this part would have to be played straight to be effective.

Why do these things? Because they are funny and because they make fun of the cult and its founder. Also if anyone doesn't realize that these signs are in jest, they're going to think that Hubbard was pro-gay, pro-drugs, or a pedophile, and that scientologists are creepy humorless neo-nazi-esque jackasses (the last part being all too true).

Showing up outside of an org or some other cult compound and doing a straight-laced straight-faced protest only does so much good. After a certain point people begin to lump the protesters in with what they are protesting. The rest are just annoyed because someone is blocking or slowing down traffic. If you want to create a protest that is memorable and that other people are actually going to pay attention to and tell others about you've got to use humor.

Abbie Hoffman was a man whose politics were about as far removed from my own as one can get and still be on the same planet. But I'm more than willing to give the man his due when it came to his ability to effectively protest those things that he wished to see changed.

In 1967 Hoffman organized a protest gathering in which thousands of anti-war protesters descended upon the pentagon where they attempted to levitate the building through meditation, supposedly to rid it of evil spirits. All of the people gathered there stood facing the building, arms outstretched with a look of concentration on their faces and repeatedly chanted "Om!" over and over.

Nothing happened to the building known as the pentagon of course, but something did happen to the IDEA known as the pentagon. It lost some of its power. It became a topic of derision, something silly, something to laugh about. Most importantly PEOPLE NOTICED AND REMEMBERED. Even now you'll have people who weren't even born at the time laughing about what he did then.

At the very least, more people dressed up like this:


would be a VERY good start.


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How about a 'false-flag' routine in which people go to something like the Gay Pride festival and pretend to be Scientologists?

I like fun as much as the next guy; probably more, but, when dealing with a billion-dollar-UFO Cult there's not a lot of room for 'fake' anything.

It's already hard enough to get the 'wog-on-the-street' to comprehend and believe the *reality* of Scientology without throwing in deliberate disinformation.

So; no. 'Faking' anything is a really bad idea.

But, we already *have* done a Gay Pride festival. (We being Barbz, Mark Bunker and me) back in '99, in San Diego. It was a gas and very informative all around and it's a shame that the footage never made it to XenuTV.



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billion-dollar-UFO Cult

The cult part is obvious, and the UFO part no one can deny, but BILLION DOLLAR?

In what, year 2199 dollars? ($1.50 in today's money)

In retrospect I think you're right about the disinformation aspect, but I do believe that HUMOR and SATIRE are very effective ways of dealing with the cult.

The trick is finding something that can be made into a joke that is relevant to their misdeeds. Making fun of Xenu is great, but at the end of the day tall tales about volcanoes and atomic weapons don't destroy lives.

It is also not terribly effective to make fun of personalities within the cult. You have to attack them on philosophical grounds. Calling DM an "asthmatic dwarf" only says that you don't like him, it doesn't persuade anyone else to dislike him too. You've got to go after what people DO and the ideas their actions are founded upon.

Here are some ideas (not necessarily good ones) off the top of my head for protest signs:

"Have too much money? - Scientology can help you with that!"

"Don't like talking to your family? - Join Scientology and you'll never talk to them again!"

"Don't let your problems kill you - let Scientology help!"

"Scientologists: The long-lost love-children of the Borg and the Ferengi"

"Scientology: Parting fools from their money since 1954!"

"Scientology: So nutty even Michael Jackson wouldn't join!"

"Scientology: Freeing people -- of their money -- worldwide!"

"Scientology: Our customer service is legendary"

"Scientology: Over 9 million FORMER members!"

"Scientology: The people your parents warned you about"

"Scientology: What happens when the Mafia meets Heaven's Gate"

"Scientology: A peculiar mixture of evil with a touch of ruthlessness"

"Scientologists: Poster-children for birth control."

"Scientologists: brainwashed, befuddled, and bitchy beyond belief"

"Scientology: The religion of OPM: (Other People's Money)"

"All my body thetans are 19 year old hotties from Chico State!"

"Scientology helped me stop masturbating....by destroying my will to live!"

"Scientology made me what I am today: Bankrupt"

"Friends don't let friends do Scientology"

"Scientology: Proof that some of the nazi war criminals escaped."

"Scientology: What happens when unbelievable bullshit gets ambitious"

"Scientology: A kinder, gentler UFO mind control cult'

"Scientology: At least they don't fly jets into skyscrapers"

"Scientology: Why be miserable alone? Come join us!"

"Scientology: Making the moonies look good by comparison since 1954!"

"Scientology: L Ron Hubbard's most famous work of fiction"

"Scientology: The world's longest running practical joke"

"How many scientologists does it take to screw in a light bulb?"
"None: You can't see to change the bulb when you've got your head stuck up your ass"

"Tom Cruise....any questions?"

"Scientology: Proof that there are worse things than crack cocaine"

"Uncle Ron wants YOU......for the next billion years"

"Scientology: More painful than a colonoscopy (more expensive to boot)"

"Scientology: They took care of Lisa McPherson to her dying day"

"Scientology: A karmic bitch-slap waiting to happen"

"Scientology hates kittens and cute fluffy bunnies!!"

"Scientology: The slowest method of suicide known to man"

"Scientology: Inspiring Charlie Manson was just the beginning!"

"Where was Scientology when Brewster needed to squander his millions?"

"Scientology: The most expensive mistake you'll ever make"


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More Signs for Anons

It really depends on who you want to see the signs.

I think it would be far more amusing to get under the skin of the Scientologists that see the protest with displays like this:

V mask clad Anon holding a sign like: "Look at me, who am I?"

stage a demonstration of Anon's auditing: Op Pro By Dup.

stage a V mask Anon with a bull horn putting ethics in on a SO clad Anon (representing the church) - up through the ethics conditions.


The idea is for
Anon's to demonstrate correct knowledge and application of the Tech that the church should apply to itself, but isn't - to get the people inside the church to apply it to the church themselves.

Done in Pithy Skits that are not suppressive nor invalidative, and only slightly evaluative - but that will capture the attention of the Scientologists so that they won't be able to help but watch.

The Scientologists come away saying, "They're smarter than we thought, they're RIGHT, we should fix what is broke about this thing."