Pickets Dec 12-13, 2008 USA

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Tustin, CA December 13, 2008
Very pleasant protest. Santanon was there and a few others. A guy drove by in a truck with a megaphone, and started yelling while the light was red that Scientology was a cult, etc. Then, after he drove away, the woman who is the head of the org came out to tell us that it was disturbing them inside to hear the sound of the megaphone. We said, Hey, it wasn't us, it was some guy in a truck, and Jeff said, You want us to get his license?, and she actually kind of chuckled.

Strangest part was a guy came out of the org and actually wanted to know why we were protesting. He said he had taken a few classes, and really wanted to know. Jeff said, Well for one thing, she's dead, and he pointed to his sign that had a picture of Lisa McPherson on it. So he told the guy that story, and we told him a few other things, and he actually seemed interested. Really strange. I think he's a future ex-Scientologist.

Then another guy came out and filmed us. He made a beeline for Jeff Jacobsen.

Then we went to LA.

San Jose Raid Report - December 13th

It was fun! And cold! We were welcomed with the smell of poop-tech, fish-tech and sprinkler-tech. Thanks Mark Warlick, OSA of Los Gatos Org who is too p**** to come and talk to us. Instead Mark sends out Gary (see last month's protest) and John Allender (see crazy scilon).
Sometimes we stood at the side of the Org, Blackford Ave in order to show Org public and staff our signs. Alot more public were interacting. Jeff Hosier, (sorry no pic) came out and made a sarcastic comment to 10 year old Kyle. What is it with grown men scilons who act like p***** in front of children?

Usually, John Allender comes out to handle anons and Gary comes out to handle ex's. This time John was quite billigerent with everyone. Here is some pics of our awesome raid. Cake was a chocolate mousse cake and thanks to Rose we had milk this time to go with it.

Scilons driving by flipping us off, scilons coming out of the driveways yelling stuff to us. It was fantastic especially when we can name-fag them LOL.
http://ocmb.xenu.net/ocmb/viewtopic.php?p=350348#350348 - great pics!

Electric Protesters 12.....13.....08 Atlanta Ga.


3 Hours in 30 Seconds. Get active!



I will add the Albuquerqe protest report...

We saw 4-5 scilons as usual. When we got there one scilon was out in the parking lot waiting for us. He proceeded to grin idiotically at us and then take our picture. I posed for him. He then got on his cell and talked (or pretended to talk) to someone in a REALLY loud voice. So loud we could hear him across 2 lanes of busy traffic! lol We laughed at him of course.

Then he leaned against the yellow van they park in front of their windows and started flailing his arms and legs about like some kind of nut cas..oh shit. He was laughing in this weird sort of way, I'm sure at us. Back atcha tard! He then leaned against the van again and started to read a book. Now mind you, the weather was cold and the wind was blowing pretty hard but he's out there reading a book all cool like? lol

Wish we hadn't forgot the camera. He would have made an excellent photo shoop. Oh well. Maybe he'll be at the next protest since it seems they can't afford to hire a security guard any more.

We got tons of honks, a guy on a bike drove by and said he agreed with us (this happens all the time with people on bikes. :p ) We got a lot of thumbs up and a few middle fingers! A scilon woman stopped her car in the middle of traffic and yelled something about us wearing masks...no u, lady.

When we were leaving a lady, nicely dressed and towing 4 adorable kids with her, stopped us and told us we should bomb the org!!! We explained that there would be no bombing from us. She made me laugh really hard though.

All in all it was a good protest! We are still celebrating our recent wins in Albuquerque too.