Pics or it didn't happen!


One of the goals my new blog about pre-1982 Scientology is to try and relate what Scientology was like before the RTC versus after the RTC. So far, in it's infancy, there has been a nice response. I have tried to add images with each new article because people like pictures with their biting sarcasm and fond memories.

I have various pictures that I will add in over the coming months... many of them are restricted to the 60's era Saint Hill, the 70's in the Fresno and Sacramento Missions and just other odd photos I've had laying around... mainly of people I liked enough to snap a picture of.

So how about you? Got any images from the "old days" you want to share? If you're not in an anonymous state, that is. Hell, even if you are anonymous there's no reason not to out others is there?

As for me - I've been on the internet since about 1989 and happened upon ARS very early on. I did post there frequently but assumed a fake userid because I still had family in the CofS. In fact, when I thought about it, the only family I cared about in terms of not upsetting the cart was my mother. She passed away in June and that left only my brother and his kids. I reckon him for a lost cause and I actually think his kids are bright enough to eventually figure out they're on a hamster wheel.

So I started my blog:

In addition, I opened up one of those creepy anonymous email accounts so you can send me images of staff, Scientologists, events, whatever from the olden days. Here's that address:

[email protected]

If you send an image or more just include a blurb that helps me incorporate it into an article and tell me I have permission to use it. Once I have a few good ones I'll start a new category on the blog and post whenever there is material enough to make it worthwhile.

I understand why some of you are anonymous... I just happen to believe it's counter-productive in the long run and that real people are a strength that the current regime can't overcome.




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I'm sorry for the loss of your mom, Enisfer. Thanks for the blog, I've enjoyed reading it over the past week.


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Yes, sorry for your Mom.
I lost mine as a teenager.
Embrace life, love friends.
Warm wishes, Stat.

Arthur Dent

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I really enjoyed your blog. That's some great reminiscing!
Hope you continue your writing as it is quite a pleasure to read.
I'm looking forward to more of your stories.
And welcome here, by the way!

A note about the anonymity of many people who are out: IMHO people want peace in their lives and it may have taken them a long time to finally get it and the last thing they want is constant harassment from OSA (aka formerly the G.O.) and their ilk or to risk enforced disconnection from friends and family still in. So they do what they do without being known as that is best for them at this time. I agree it would be ideal if everyone out could stand up and be counted with real names. I like to think that this will eventually happen...


Thanks for the nice comments ya'll.

Now how about them pictures?

And yes, I completely comprehend that being anonymous is exactly where some folks feel most comfortable. One thing I observed dating all the way back to the ARS era and Dennis Erlich's drama-queen fight is that the CofS doesn't have the time or resources to play whack-a-mole with the staggering number of discontented or ex-Scientologists communicating online. They can only muster the resources for the annoying voices... annoying to them anyway... which are pretty much people like this Rathbun guy and anyone who has reproduced OT3 or other "confidential" materials.

I have a few friends who were prominent, trained and hugely effective in the success of Scientology from about 1966 to 1980 who have no desire to communicate as themselves. I don't push them and in fact, one or two have never said as much to me, I just understand it.

Even ex-staff who worked for me will contact me every couple of years and never ask me my status or opinion and they carefully won't divulge theirs. That's the sort of thing that anon creates... a climate of non-communication on specific topics.

And we all know that's not healthy.