Placido Domingo, Jr. Declared; NEW Facebook Disconnection Tech

In Scientology, every day is Opposite Day.

For example, Senior Policy is "Always deliver what we promise."


actually, one of the things which seriously impressed me back in the day at fcdc happened at muster one day. fcdc boomed in the early '70's and the boom was sparked when they offered a free hgc drug rundown to anyone purchasing the academy levels. one year later some of those who picked up on the offer were still on the drd. the problem and it's handling were a topic one morning and after the problem was described the handling was prefaced with "we deliver what we promise"


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But the hardest outpoint to spot is the missing data.

So what happens if one decides to NOT DISCONNECT?

If you still have him on your "friends" list, then one of your "friends" will report you to Ethics, who will ask you to come down for a "chat". I believe that, if you are on facebook, an OSA volunteer will be assigned to be your "friend"(babysitter) and report back to OSA about anything on your facebook page that OSA would be unpleased about. Refusal to allow the OSA volunteer onto your "friends" list may result in a phone call to ask what you are hiding. I vaguely recall something about this "having a babysitter" practice, but I won't swear to it being actually true, or true at present.

If you go in for service, you will be sec-checked on whether you are still connected to someone who is declared.


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Who is Plácido Domingo?
11 June 2018, 17:15 By Maddy Shaw Roberts


His son, Plácido Domingo Jr, is a singer-songwriter
Plácido Domingo Jr, born in 1965 to the tenor and his wife Marta Domingo, is a singer, songwriter, composer and record producer who has written songs for stars including Michael Bolton, Sarah Brightman and Diana Ross.
Plácido Jr met his wife, Samantha, in 1994 through the Church of Scientology. They had three daughters together, but in 2011 he left Scientology and the couple divorced.


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If nothing else, can we say "off line"?

How in the hell do these Scilons justify this crap to themselves? Some guy on Facebook heard it from another guy, who maybe heard it from someone else, that Mr. Blah is declared and now we are all supposed to disconnect from Mr Blah? Because some guy said so? This is the stuff of legendary satire and they really and truly don't see it.

Doesn't anyone in Scientology actually READ their own bulletins anymore? How about "If it isn't written, it isn't true?" I guess if it's written on Facebook, then that counts? :duh:

I know...I know!!! :melodramatic: They don't read and they don't apply and they are all a bunch of robots. But jeez - I had to say something. :eyeroll:
sort of like a Monty Python skit , the Dead Parrot, or throwing your toys out of the sandpit.I,m not playing with you anymore.
George Carlin would have a field day on this shit.