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"Please do not forward the minutes to anyone else for any reason." - Scientology


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"Scientologists are hammered to believe in Hubbard's single sentence concepts as answers to everything."

I can see it now, the next big thing for superpower - Magic 8-ball tech!


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Excellent post!

Because it's true!

To survive in a Scieno operation you must follow a very, very limited set of solutions whether they work or not. You'll get in BIG trouble for anything else. For example, if there's no customers, the typical solutions are to call the old customers and sell them something else. Since that doesn't work very well with customers who have been hammered for decades, you make it an ethics offense for failing to buy the next service. That's the complete skill set necessary for an indoctrinated staff Scientologist trying to get customers. Oh, and you need to be able to convince the guy that you like him.

The practice of Scientology LIMITS the number of solutions to a few LRH approved methods. Trouble with study? Here's the 3 reasons. Trouble with life? What condition are you applying? Trouble with money or 2D? Write up your overts. Trouble with an organization? Find the SP. Trouble with a friend? Find the 3rd party.

Scientologists are hammered to believe in Hubbard's single sentence concepts as answers to everything.

It's like the automated answering machines, "Press 1 if you want to pay for services. Press 2 if you need to go to ethics or the MAA. Press 3 to hear the choices again."

A valid philosophy opens the mind to more solutions, not less. That's a big deal. Competent people are competent because they handle complexity.

An indoctrinated Scientologist is made to think in a limited way.

I especially lol'd at the above bolded Press 3 to hear the choices again." Like there's only two stupid choices to choose from!