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Please Email the Aust. PM now


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The Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has just gone public expressing his "concern".

Please email Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull to express support for an inquiry into the CoS.

Not just Aussies.

Email your Prime Minister | Prime Minister of Australia

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Australian PM 'concerned' about Scientology | The Australian

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd says he has concerns about the Church of Scientology but wants to see what material independent senator Nick Xenophon has before committing to a parliamentary inquiry.


Asked about the senator's claims, Mr Rudd described them as "grave allegations".
"Many people in Australia have real concerns about Scientology," Mr Rudd said.
"I share some of those concerns. Let us proceed carefully and look carefully at the material he has provided before we make a decision on further parliamentary action."
Asked about the Church of Scientology's tax exempt status, Mr Rudd said he was advised the High Court had dealt with the matter back in the 1980s.
"I am so advised, but I stand to be corrected," he said.
"Therefore the true question is the actual nature of the operations that involve Scientology now.
"I don't want to rush into any judgment on this, other than to say he's (Senator Xenophon) raised concerns and made some serious allegations."
NB. The High Court determined that Scientology was a religion. Surely that's not the only criterion for tax exempt status. Can an organisation not become ineligible by its criminal conduct?


Adding a list of ALL AUSTRALIAN SENATORS - The more emails they all get, the better.

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Hey Folks,

Once there is a Senate Inquiry underway, we'll be asking for submissions from around the world. Right now though, we're requesting simple letters, from any and all who have first hand experience with abuses from the CofS.

There is no doubt that Prime Minister Rudd, and the leader of the opposition, Malcolm Turnbull, are being flooded with communication from Scientologists, as we speak.

Also, whilst the content of letters which 10 of us wrote have been substantiated thoroughly with all sorts of information to Senator Xenophon and certain media people, it hasn't been to the PM and the leader of the opposition.

Receiving letters with specifics (in brief bullet point form), from "victims" and/or previous "aggressors" of Scientlogy, regarding abuses at the hands of the CofS, will go a long way toward substantiating the "grave allegations" which have been made.

Please email them within the next 24 hours, and copy Nick Xenophon. If you're in Aussie, if you could also email your local federal member (see links below).


PM - http://www.pm.gov.au/PM_Connect/Email_your_PM
Malcolm Turnbull - http://www.aph.gov.au/house/members/member.asp?id=885
Nick Xenophon - http://www.nickxenophon.com.au/page.php?id=63

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This is a very important action for all of us to do.:thumbsup:

Write to Politicians and tell your story as the time is right.:yes::yes:

Support the proposed senate inquiry cause that's what we want.... I have:happydance:


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I don't wanna sound like a patronising git − but what with human nature being as it is − if you're not in Oz, and you've written a good letter, it's probably not a bad idea to forward an amended copy in the direction of your local MP/Senator/government representative.

Kill two birds with one stone 'n all that.