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Please help me to get more information about the suffering and death of my brother


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Hi everybody. I'm really shocked! On Thuesday my father called and told me that my brother Uwe Stuckenbrock (46years old) died last night. The least 5 (?) years he suffered at Multiple Sclerosis and was living in the RPF PAC since 2001 and before in the RPF in Happy Valley. What the RPF is and what living conditions he had I found out today on www.lermanet.com/rpf-insider/index.htm while looking for more information about his death on the internet. I also learned, that his former wife Lurisse Stuckenbrock is still in a higher Position in the Scientology Organisation. Does anybody have more information for me? If it should come to light, that his bad life cicumstances in the RPF lead to his early death I consider legal steps against every possible responsible person. For example because of failure to give assistance.
I live in Germany and we had only telephonic contact with Uwe and the last Years he was not able to speak because of his serious Multiple Sclerosis. And the other people on the phone obviously were mostly telling us lies about his situation.
Does anybody know more about this terrible affair or if he had at least a few friends arround at his ceremony.

I planted a wooden cross for him and laid it down on our family grave here in Neu-Ulm and we all spoke a few prayers for Uwe.

Thanks for your help


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Unfortunately I didn't know your brother. You have my deep compassion for what happened to him. May God punish scientology for its utter absence of compassion and caring.

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Markus, I am so sorry for your loss, and hope your brother is finally at peace. Here is some information about Uwe and what he went through in the cult.


"The RPF Insider"

RPF Insider#6

You see what happens when you start the program, you have to turn in
all your IDs; drivers' licence, passport, VISAs, credit cards, cash etc. My
credit cards are probably expired anyway and I can get new ones. I can
always figure out how to get some new valid ID. All RPFers' valuable
documents are kept in a file cabinet locked up so that you cannot take off
with your own documents. You are also not allowed to have more than $20 in
cash in your pocket, and if you manage to save up more, instead of spending
it in the canteen, you are supposed to turn it in for safe keeping. I guess
another freak-control-mechanism, making it really hard to blow. If the RPFer
is not from the US, a passport is obviously needed to get home, and it would
take some time and money to report it stolen and get a new one. I guess the
idea is that security will be able to find you "off guard," without any ID,
job, money, credit cards etc. I can imagine that it takes some guts to blow
not because you're fed up with the scene here but for the main reason that
you are hitting the streets with no money, no ID and no place to stay...

What I wanted to say with this letter is something that I have had a
lot of attention on for quite some time. Specifically there are two RPFers
at the time. The first RPFer is named Uwe Stuckenbrock. He arrived in the
RPF here in PAC around 2001, but I believe he was on the RPF in Happy Valley
before he came here. He is diagnosed with MS, Multiple Sclerosis, a disease
that from what I understand (from having looked it up in the encyclopedia)
there is no known cure for. Over the last 3 years, I have watched him
getting worse and worse, though it seems that he is getting some of
attention and care. When he arrived he had a hard time walking by himself,
and this has deteriorated to the point of needing full time around the clock
assistance. He always has one or two other RPFers caring for him, as at this
point he cannot even make it to the bathroom by himself. He cannot walk at
all now and he has to be taken around in a wheel chair. What I don't
understand is that although he is being treated with a lot of natural foods
and juices and vitamins and assists he's getting worse and worse. He does go
to the local hospital sometimes with two people escorting him. He's getting
checkups at LA County Hospital or somewhere, where the church is getting
free service on Medicare, because we RPFers simply don't have any money for
any medical bills. Not long ago, we had to prepare a separate room for him
on the 2nd floor in the West wing, next to the stairwell towards Catalina
Street. He had been in the hospital and in critical condition. When he came
back he needed a cleaner, more private environment to recover. We spent
several days gutting out a little closed off room (where the other guy was
living that I'm going to tell you about, Mike Eves). The space was filthy
and outrageously dusty, like it hadn't been cleaned for months. We repainted
the entire room, put up new curtains, put in a new carpet, new cabinets,
etc. Uwe was living in a little curtained off space in a room with about 50
other guys.(the room I told you about earlier, with the bunks crammed in and
up to the ceiling.) It was decided that Uwe's condition was more critical
than Mike's, so we were ordered to switch their places!! Mike was recovering
from a very critical operation for cancer, and HAD ONE LUNG REMOVED! Having
watched this scene going on for years, it is obvious to me that THESE TWO
GUYS WILL NEVER MAKE IT OUT OF THE RPF ALIVE! It's technically impossible,
as you have to "make someone else better" i.e. your twin, in order to
graduate. These guys don't even have twins and are just fighting to stay
alive. Come on! Uwe cannot even get up to go to the bathroom. What in hell
is he doing in the RPF?? He cannot be getting enough professional care and
attention and it's INHUMAN to watch what is going on. All the other RPFers
are probably also outraged, but are suppressing their own feelings, in the
hope of not missing their own chance to get out of here. I'm actually
wondering how long these guys will survive and why they are not granted some
forgiveness for whatever they were assigned to the RPF for. Human decency
would be to sign them in to a proper nursing home to recover or at least die
in peace. The one theory that I have is this: Uwe Stuckenbrock was the
International Security Chief at Hemet. O'boy! What would happen if he had
the opportunity to let the world know what is going on up there or the
security issues that exist all over the planet. I'm sure that he's kept in
the RPF so won't be able to leak any data out. When he arrived on the RPF he
was at the caselevel of OT III and from what I heard, don't know if this is
true, but his MS turned on while he was auditing on this level. So what has
been done over the last 3 years to "handle" this? He completed OT III, was
audited through OT IV and has been getting sessions on OT V for at least one
year - I guess in the hope that he'd be getting better, but he's NOT
IMPROVING! He is getting worse!

OK, the next guy, Mike Eves. He also came from INT. I believe that he
arrived around the end of 2001. At first he was auditing and had a twin and
was doing the official program. For some reason he got sick and it turned
out that he had lung cancer. It was so critical that it was thought to be
terminal, but through some miracle he managed to survive. He had an
operation and they took out one of his lungs and he spent the last 2 years
recovering from this tragedy. And get this: his wife Cherie Eves (also in
the RPF) was assigned to care for him and she did so excellently. She was
with him day and night for months and his son Paul Eves, (ALSO HERE IN THE
RPF and also from INT headquarters!!) was with him in the hospital. I
believe he was so critical that he might die so he was allowed to be
attended by his son and wife. Can you believe it, the entire family in the
RPF under these conditions? Cherie "graduated" not long ago and went back to
work at Bridge Publications. She is responsible for the printing and
publishing of new LRH books and volumes coming out. I just don't see that
they will EVER get back together as a family. Since Cherie is gone, Mike
looks very lonely and it must be hard to be in a room alone with nothing to
do. The RPF rules apply to him to; you cannot have any news papers, cannot
listen to any radio, no CD's or any music of any kind, much less any TV.
TOTALLY CUT OFF FROM THE ENTIRE WORLD. By the way, you cannot read any
novels either, only books written by LRH. He looks depressed and very
unhappy, and I wish I could do anything to cheer him up. I don't see any
hope of any future for him, as it is right now, he is also doomed to die in
the RPF, as nobody is "letting him off the hook." I have no clue what he was
doing at the INT headquarters, but obviously he is a danger and menace to
David M's regime, and is being disposed of like Uwe.

Please do something for these guys, before it's too late. I hate to see
their last document being published that "they served the Sea Organization
for xx amount of years and are granted a 21 year leave of absence before
they come back." This is a fact, this is what is written for anybody who
dies in the Sea Org and it closes their PC folder, it is the last document.
When you "come back" in the next body, you can "continue up the Bridge from
where you left off." This "honorable" document is always written by
Executive Director Int, Guillome Lesevre. I hate to see these guys dying
here in the RPF and I wish they could get proper, professional medical care
under no mental and physical stress.

On a similar issue, I wonder why older people are being put through the
same level of physical stress as the younger ones. The rule is in the RPF
that "you must always run." The former Captain of AOSH ANZO in Sydney is
here in the RPF, her name is Elaine Allen. She's about 60 years old and is
expected to work all the same hours. She has complained of aches and pains
in her hands from the hard physical work. The pain is so bad that she has a
hard time writing, typing and auditing which makes it even more difficult to
get through the RPF training program. Oh! by the way, another rule for
RPFers is that we cannot take any elevators. The showers are located on the
6th and 7th floor for the RPF in the big blue building. We take a shower
every day, and I don't want to calculate how many times I have run up and
down those stairs over the years... There are a few people that have bad
physical problems who get special permission by the RPF I/C to take the
elevator, but that's very few. Most of Elaine's family is in the Sea Org and
her son is working at OSA International in Hollywood. Another guy named
Henry Woodruff actually made it out of here alive earlier this year. He was
over 60, but very healthy and strong. However, what I didn't understand
about his situation was that he had to wait for OVER 6 MONTHS to be able to
leave. He had a "Committee of Evidence" that had to get approved before he
could leave, then he had to wait some more months for his $500 severance
pay. He was in the RPF's RPF for over 6 months, doing physical work in the
basement with the other guys for 10 hours a day - AT THE AGE OF 60!! I'm
sure he caught up with the "real world" when he was finally allowed to
leave. I don't know if he just got Fitness Boarded out or if he got SP

There are also a bunch of kids here that are under age. One that graduated
is Cameron Allsop. He was at the International Ranch for the kids, and when
he was about 14 or so, he fooled around with some girls or whatever and got
himself RPFed for out 2D. (Pretty normal for a boy that age to be interested
in girls as I recall, but not in the sea org!!) When he arrived in the RPF
he could barely read, due to his very low education level. It took him about
4-5 years to get through the program and he finally graduated with his twin
Eric Smith. Eric is back at CC Int as a security guard and Cameron is
working at ASHO Day. They are both about 18 or 20 now. It's common that
teenagers in the Sea Org get curious about sex, and not being allowed to
explore mother nature, they "do it anyway" and find themselves on the RPF.
These Sea Org kids grow up seeing there parents once a day for an hour at
most and often barely ever see them at all. How do you start a relationship
or a marriage, not being allowed to explore and enjoy what has been "the
birds and the bees" on this planet since Man developed? There is a frantic
control of the "2nd Dynamic" which is called the "family or sex dynamic." If
you want to look it up somewhere else, LRH explains what the "8 Dynamics"
are. I've seen it's a common thing that young Sea Org members get married
just to be able to "stick to the rules and still experience sex." Then if it
doesn't work out, a divorce follows shortly after. There IS NO FAMILY LIFE
in the Sea Org and what is there is frantically controlled. I think the
above should give you an idea of what some members are going through. I hate
to admit to this, but I have spent many hours "recruiting Sea Org members"
over the years before I came to the RPF. Any recruiter will paint up a story
how good it is and "it will all work out once you are a dedicated Sea Org
Member." I guess these newsletters should not be mistaken for "Recruitment
letters"!! Or what do you say? Come and join me! The RPF is ONLY for Sea Org
members and it's FREE! All they want is your mind, your soul, your life and
your next billion years.


Markus I am so very sorry for your loss and I am devastated in the extreme at what I have just read above. There are no words to describe this horror, how and why are they still getting away with this blatant disregard for basic human rights. I pray that someone can come forward and give you the information you need and that the truth will out. My prayers and wishes are with you at this time.


Thank You for your compassion.
Greetings from Markus

Markus people are in all sorts of strange time zones here on this board, it's also Sunday so just give it some time. There are also other sites you can perhaps ask for information there also. Warmest.... Pixie.

P.S. Welcome to the board!


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Thank you for your helpfull answer! Do you know how I can get in contact with the "RPF Insider" because I think he could give me some more answers.
Best wishes.


Thank you for your helpfull answer! Do you know how I can get in contact with the "RPF Insider" because I think he could give me some more answers.
Best wishes.

You could try one of the ex SO sites. I wish to god there was more I could do to help you, but keep bumping this thread up and I'll keep an eye on it and do the same. Give it a couple of days because Sunday is usually quiet.

I have no doubt that if anyone has any info they will post. Just keep plugging away Markus, I know it's heartwrenching, and it's going to take time, there are already so many stories and people looking for answers, but I have no doubt the day will come when the truth of these things will out. Just try to be patient, I know it's almost impossible, but take your time and do your research. If I can find out anymore for you I'll let you know. Meanwhile sit tight ok. :thumbsup:
Hi everybody. I'm really shocked! On Thuesday my father called and told me that my brother Uwe Stuckenbrock (46years old) died last night. The least 5 (?) years he suffered at Multiple Sclerosis and was living in the RPF PAC since 2001 and before in the RPF in Happy Valley.

I'm deeply saddened to read of your family's loss. I can not offer you any information concerning you brother. I never knew him. I would suggest however that you might contact the Attorney General of the State of California & the local sheriff department for Plumas County about your concern for the circumstances surrounding your brother's death.

California Attorney General: http://ag.ca.gov/contact/index.php

Plumas County Sheriff's Department: http://www.pcso.net/

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Actually, I just posted on OCMB and then realized this was a cross post. So I found this thread too and I wanted to directly write a few more things.

I think that you, as his brother (you are next of kin right?) have a right to have access to Uwe's medical files and find out what was or wasn't done to help him. You could find out which hospitals he got some treatment at and get the information without even starting any legal action.

From doing some brief reading about MS on the internet, it seems that it is rare for someone to actually have it progress so fast and for someone to die so young from it, it probably would be worth checking into.

According to what I read on wikipedia about MS, there are some scientific studies that show that stress is linked to this disease and it's progression.

I did not know this. I guess I assumed that it was some kind of disease that "just happened" and would progress in a certain way no matter what. I never really studied up on it.

The fact that Uwe was on the "RPF" shows that his stress level was kept very high. It is stressful to be on the RPF. It is not summer camp. It is not easy, it is not peaceful, it is very stressful --- both emotionally and physically. The RPF is KNOWN to be stressful. So whoever assigned Uwe to the RPF in the first place, knowing he had MS, was essentially sentencing Uwe to suffer more from his MS than he would have otherwise.

Being on the RPF is like being told you are worthless to the group until "Rehabilitated" and it is a threat of "shape up, or you are out." It is an accusation that one has hidden evil intentions and therefore cannot be trusted. Having someone with MS on the RPF at all, is negligence in a big way.... so if you want to pursue any action against the C of S on this, I would be willing to help in whatever way I can.


Great posts Ladybird and Twin A. It's not easy to confront that these atrocities are still going on every single day. In fact it's shocking in the extreme which is possibly why there aren't too many replies yet. The cruelness and brutality of this cult has really hit home in the last week or so. Reading about the beatings dished out by DM, people dying too soon, Gerry Armstrong and now this.

We are lucky we have Anonymous, and although justice appears slow, I do believe much progress is being made on many levels, justice will be done and those responsible taken to task. It all just doesn't ever seem to cease in shocking me, that's all. Somtimes the reall horror sinks deeper and it's painful.

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This is a dreadful story Marcus and I am also deeply sorry for your loss. As family, you have a right to follow this through and find out the exact information. I hope those that can help you with this do so, and fast. Your story is being cross posted to other message boards as well.

This is criminal and shocking and needs to be widely known and followed through on a legal level.

Wishing your brother well on his journey, and love to your family. :bigcry:


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Markus, first, my deepest condoleances to you and your family. This is truly sad. :touched:

What does someone with a serious illness like MS was doing on the RPF???!!!

Just that point alone is enough for prosecuting.

The Church describes the RPF as a programme of redemption for members of the SO who have committed severe violations of its codes. The RPF performs a specialised function within the SO, one that, according to the Church, is consistent with that employed by other religious communities to assist erring members of their core religious group to make amends for wrongdoing and return to the good graces of the religious order from whose tenets they had strayed.

I am no law expert and I would not even know where to start but first thing is get his medical file. Proof of his MS. Knowing the church they might try to say he did not have MS as to get away with this. So, you have to have proof in your hands.
Second, just the fact that someone with MS was on the $cientology RPF is so beyond what the purpose of the RPF is that there has to be a way for you to bring this to court.

Again, my heart goes out to you and your family.

This is truly sickening. :no:

Wisened One

:omg: :bigcry: My deepest condolences to you and your family, Marcus! :omg: :no: I also read the story of Uwe's life in the RPF...:sad:

I want to call the cops soooooo goddamned BADLY right THIS SECOND!!!....I want to make the cops RAID INT, HAPPYVALLEY, PAC, etc.etc..RIGHT GODDAMNED NOW soooooo FUCKING BAD!!! :angry: :storm:

I feel sick right now.

Sick with grief, disgust, quiet rage, pain. :bigcry:

I also don't understand why those two guys that were sick weren't let out of the SO?! :blink:


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I PM'd you, but I feel I must say something here.

I am so sorry for your families loss.


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:omg: :bigcry: My deepest condolences to you and your family, Marcus! :omg: :no: I also read the story of Uwe's life in the RPF...:sad:

I want to call the cops soooooo goddamned BADLY right THIS SECOND!!!....I want to make the cops RAID INT, HAPPYVALLEY, PAC, etc.etc..RIGHT GODDAMNED NOW soooooo FUCKING BAD!!! :angry: :storm:

I feel sick right now.

Sick with grief, disgust, quiet rage, pain. :bigcry:

I also don't understand why those two guys that were sick weren't let out of the SO?! :blink:

exactly how I feel reading about this tragedy. It angers me to no end....
So sorry for your loss marcus , and in this manner is just not right...:no:


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Oh Jesus,

Marcus, I'm extremely taken back by this. So sorry about your brother.

Keep digging and getting the info that you need. Yes I'd get a lawyer and get instructions from the lawyer on how to handle this and amass the required information. The co$ must be held accountable to the maximum extent of the law. Give your brother the love he deserves. May he rest in peace.