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Please help me to get more information about the suffering and death of my brother


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Markus Stuckenbrock Commented on the Anonymous Efforts on German Anonymous Blog

Markus Stuckenbrock Commented on the Anonymous Efforts on German Anonymous Blog

Markus Stuckenbrock Commented on the Anonymous Efforts on German Anonymous Blog

English translation

Hello, first off I must correct a few things. I didn’t expect that my request would kick loose such an avalanche:
Uwe was born ’63 – so he was just 45 years old. The Stuckenbrock family doesn’t have a grave on the Neu-Ulmer cemetery. The wooden cross decorated with flowers lies on the grave of my parents-in-law, which lies on a cemetery of a Neu-Ulmer district.
The way Uwe and the other people that were and are in RPF are being treated is a big scandal. I know the injustice inside the Scientology organisation very well from my own experience. Back then, when I was in staff, I always say what I thought was wrong and then got pressured from “above” until I realised that nothing would change. Then I left. After having learned more about Uwes situation before and during his death I am especially pissed off about Laurisse (my ex-sister-in-law and now “right hand” of David Miscavige) – I cannot comprehend her behaviour and I’m pissed off about my father (staff in Stuttgart), because he always put me off with some half-truths although he probably knew all of it much earlier and didn’t stand up for his son Uwe. To put someone, who is ill like that, into such a machinery is the last thing. And if they did that because he wanted out of Scientology it’s just the more inhuman! And to not medically treat someone with MS appropriately is in my opinion barbarous. That’s why I’ve explained the coherency from my point of view and sent it via e-mail to the responsible sheriff and to the Office of the Attorney General with the request to go into the matter and, if possible, send me the medical records of Uwe.
If you know somebody who could give me more information about Uwe, then please let me know, for example on the Ex Scientologist Message Board.
Thank you all for your efforts.
Very best regards,

Original in German

Hallo also ich muss hier jetzt einmal ein paar Dinge korrigieren-ich dachte nicht, dass ich mit meiner Anfrage gleich solch eine Lawine lostrete:
Uwe war Jahrgang 63 - also erst 45 Jahre alt. Die Familie Stuckenbrock hat kein Grab auf dem Neu-Ulmer Friedhof. Das mit Blumen bepflanzte Holzkreuz liegt auf dem Grab meiner Schwiegereltern das wiederum befindet sich auf einem Friedhof eines Teilortes von Neu-Ulm. Wie Uwe und die anderen Menschen im RPF behandelt wurden und werden ist eine riesen Schweinerei. Ich kenne die Ungerechtigkeit innerhalb der Scientology Organisation sehr gut aus eigener Erfahrung. Habe damals als Staff stets gesagt, was ich nicht gut finde und habe dementsprechend Druck von "Oben" bekommen bis ich erkannt habe dass sich trotz meiner Beharrlichkeit nichts ändert. Dann bin ich gegangen. Nachdem ich hier jetzt mehr über Uwes Situation vor und während seines Todes erfahren habe bin ich vor allem stinksauer auf Laurisse(meie Ex Schwägerin und jetzt "Rechte Hand" von David Miscavige) - ihr Verhalten kann ich gar nicht nachvollziehen und auf meinen Vater (Staff in Stuttgart), weil er mich immer mit Halbwahrheiten abgespeißt hat, obwohl er bestimmt schon früher alles gewußt und sich auch nicht konsequent für seinen Sohn Uwe eingesetzt hat.Jemanden weil er krank ist in solch eine Maschinerie zu stecken ist echt das Allerletzte. Und wenn sie es gemacht haben weil er raus aus Scientologie wollte ist es genauso menschenverachtend! Und jemanden mit MS nicht angemessen medizinisch zu behandeln ist meiner Meinung nach total unmenschlich. Deshalb habe ich die Zusammenhänge aus meiner Sicht geschildert und eine E-mail an den zuständigen Scheriff und das Office of the Attorny General geschickt mit der Bitte der Sache nachzugehen und mir wenn möglich die medizinischen Unterlagen von Uwe zu schicken. Wenn ihr noch jemanden kennt, der mir noch mehr Infos über Uwe geben kann dann lasst es mich bitte wissen. Z.B. im Ex Scientologist Message Board. Ich Danke Euch für Euren Einsatz.
Ganz liebe Grüße


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Wow- this is moving along fast. This is the right thing to do... push on this and get some official action happening.

Thanks Markus for keeping us informed.

Thank iax for translating.

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Hi Markus

Markus Stuckenbrock Commented on the Anonymous Efforts on German Anonymous Blog

Hi there Markus,
You will have support on this my friend,
I know what it feels like to lose someone you love this way and all you can do is expose the truth so that this kind of atrocity stops. I am sorry to hear this kind of thing is still going on and just hope you can find peace some how oneday.
All my love,
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Arbeitsgruppe Scientology will contact the consulate general of Germany in LA

Today I spoke with Ursula Comberta on phone. As first step she will contact the german consulate general in Los Angeles. We will be in further contact. She promised to engage one of her employees to colect all informations about Uwe in the internet, so that we can work with it properly.
And I consider to write a short Biography of Uwes life. And then giving this to a respectable German Newspaper if they are interrested. I think all the world should know his tragig story. And maybe then I could write a letter in german to Arnold Schwarzenegger. He should also know what happens in "his" state.
Sorry that I can't answer all your comments. I regard highly your interrest and your help for me and Uwe and for all the people who are still under this pressure in RPFs all over the world. Continue to help them but please just work with highly objective and true facts and informations- Thank you all for doing a great job!

Very best wishes


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The RPF Insider Newsletter #6

The "RPF Insider" cried out for help for Uwe Stuckenbrock four years ago:


What I wanted to say with this letter is something that I have had a lot of attention on for quite some time. Specifically there are two RPFers that are REALLY SICK AND NEED OF PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL CARE. I will take one at the time. The first RPFer is named Uwe Stuckenbrock. He arrived in the RPF here in PAC around 2001, but I believe he was on the RPF in Happy Valley before he came here. He is diagnosed with MS, Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that from what I understand (from having looked it up in the encyclopedia) there is no known cure for. Over the last 3 years, I have watched him getting worse and worse, though it seems that he is getting some of attention and care. When he arrived he had a hard time walking by himself, and this has deteriorated to the point of needing full time around the clock assistance. He always has one or two other RPFers caring for him, as at this point he cannot even make it to the bathroom by himself. He cannot walk at all now and he has to be taken around in a wheel chair. What I don't understand is that although he is being treated with a lot of natural foods and juices and vitamins and assists he's getting worse and worse. He does go to the local hospital sometimes with two people escorting him. He's getting checkups at LA County Hospital or somewhere, where the church is getting free service on Medicare, because we RPFers simply don't have any money for any medical bills. Not long ago, we had to prepare a separate room for him on the 2nd floor in the West wing, next to the stairwell towards Catalina Street. He had been in the hospital and in critical condition. When he came back he needed a cleaner, more private environment to recover. We spent several days gutting out a little closed off room (where the other guy was living that I'm going to tell you about, Mike Eves). The space was filthy and outrageously dusty, like it hadn't been cleaned for months. We repainted the entire room, put up new curtains, put in a new carpet, new cabinets, etc. Uwe was living in a little curtained off space in a room with about 50 other guys.(the room I told you about earlier, with the bunks crammed in and up to the ceiling.) It was decided that Uwe's condition was more critical than Mike's, so we were ordered to switch their places!! Mike was recovering from a very critical operation for cancer, and HAD ONE LUNG REMOVED! Having watched this scene going on for years, it is obvious to me that THESE TWO GUYS WILL NEVER MAKE IT OUT OF THE RPF ALIVE! It's technically impossible, as you have to "make someone else better" i.e. your twin, in order to graduate. These guys don't even have twins and are just fighting to stay alive. Come on! Uwe cannot even get up to go to the bathroom. What in hell is he doing in the RPF?? He cannot be getting enough professional care and attention and it's INHUMAN to watch what is going on. All the other RPFers are probably also outraged, but are suppressing their own feelings, in the hope of not missing their own chance to get out of here. I'm actually wondering how long these guys will survive and why they are not granted some forgiveness for whatever they were assigned to the RPF for. Human decency would be to sign them in to a proper nursing home to recover or at least die in peace. The one theory that I have is this: Uwe Stuckenbrock was the International Security Chief at Hemet. O'boy! What would happen if he had the opportunity to let the world know what is going on up there or the security issues that exist all over the planet. I'm sure that he's kept in the RPF so won't be able to leak any data out. When he arrived on the RPF he was at the caselevel of OT III and from what I heard, don't know if this is true, but his MS turned on while he was auditing on this level. So what has been done over the last 3 years to "handle" this? He completed OT III, was audited through OT IV and has been getting sessions on OT V for at least one year - I guess in the hope that he'd be getting better, but he's NOT IMPROVING! He is getting worse!


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Ursula Caberta is great.

Mein herzliches Beileid Markus. Ich hoffe du findest Gerechtigkeit.
Schade das dein Bruder so fruh sterben musste in den Handen von diesen Leuten.

It is a pity that we have to do our job with deaths like your brothers. Maybe that can give some meaning to what happened.
It happened when Kaja Bordevich Ballo jumped to her death. It happened when Shawn Lonsdale died. And now your brother will have his name all over the internet, in the papers and in glossies.

If you supply the data and stories, we will supply the means to publish them. There is literally an army of people from all over the world within reach. Not an army of killers, but an army of concerned people who want to stop these atrocities.

I will light a candle for your brother this evening.


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This might be the chance we need in order to strike a decisive blow to the cult.
Every death is a waste of human life, so let us not let it be a total waste.

Sir Facer

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Tick Tock


Here's hoping that justice will be served.

Oh yes and time is ticking, and fast peoples. Thats what this is actually all about JUSTICE in its highest form and it will be put right finally......... TO BE CONTINUED:thumbsup:
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Am happy at least to hear that this tragedy won't just be swept under the carpet! While nothing will make up for your brothers life, it's important that justice will be done, and that other lives (still at risk) which could be saved, are!

You are a brave soul Markus! My family and I, send our love and support!



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R.I.P Uwe Stuckenbrock

I was just alerted today that Uwe Stucknebrock passed away the other day from complications arising due to his ongoing fight with Multiple Sclerosis; Uwe Stuckenbrock was forty six years old.