POLL: GO or OSA Folder Blackmail

Have you ever seen/heard a $cientologist use pc/ethics folder contents for coercion?

  • YES I have actually taken part in scanning folders for "dirt" to be used

    Votes: 6 17.6%
  • NO I have never seen this happen.

    Votes: 2 5.9%
  • YES I have actually seen a SO or Staffer in $cientology do this.

    Votes: 14 41.2%
  • NO I have never seen anyone do this.

    Votes: 2 5.9%
  • YES I have overheard some one in $cientology doing this or threatening to use what was found.

    Votes: 13 38.2%
  • NO This is unthinkable and anyone who says the have are either just wrong or lying.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • YES I have been threatened with exposure of some of the contents of my folder(s).

    Votes: 3 8.8%
  • NO COMMENT (YES to something above will be assumed)

    Votes: 2 5.9%
  • What's for supper?

    Votes: 4 11.8%
  • Are there anymore bikinis on the DC thread?

    Votes: 5 14.7%

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The Great Zorg

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I've read quite a bit about the old g.o. and the new o.s.a. and others actually culling people's 'pc' folders for "dirt" that might be used for coercion or even blackmail. I wondered how many here at ESMB have actually taken part in this activity or have personally either seen it or heard it happen, in person.

I thought this might actually show that this activity really happens a lot, or only a few times, or probably rarely. I for one would never assume that it has never happened, knowing what I now know about the clams.

I have a little extra time on my hands so it was either post this poll or look for bees in bikinis or girls in bikinis looking like bees, to post on Kathy's bee nightmare thread. :yes:

NOTE: Who said YES or NO or whatever is PRIVATE. I selected this option should anyone here be wary of exposing their "duties" when they were (or still are) clams.
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La La Lou Lou

I was doing a doubt formula, then I was told by the Org Essex Officer to write up my naughty second dynamic deeds, he'd been told to get me to do this by the GO, and then I was told to leave, after giving me an R factor, via the E/O that I would be declared if I was to be out 2D again. The ethics officer and Org staff were just as confused not knowing if I was allowed at events or what. I presume they wanted to have my confessed but not in session 2D overts so that they could use them against me, this was in the seventies. It was like a DIY sec check. It was totally confusing as I was never clear what my status was, I did get a freeloader bill, of course. Later when I went to join the SO it wasn't a problem, I was asked if I was going to be out 2D and I said no.


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Was done every damn day in the GO!

Folder culling was a major reason I blew... I understood it was done when sitting in on a Comittee of Evidence, when I was hardly dry behind the ears as staff at the GO.. It worried me that it was done.

Next I overheard some other staff talking about a woman who was staff at one of the orgs in Denmark.. Stuff from her folders obviously.. I didn't hear much because the woman they were talking about was my freind and 'my colleques' quickly changed the subject when they became aware of my presense.

But folder culling is quite per policy really.. Recall that you can be cheated and lied to when in 'enemy' condition... And recall that you can land in that condition for nothing much.

When I blew.. I was, not unsurprizingly, put in a low condition.. Ahh.. And the GO promptly stole my typewriter, paper and drawing utensils.. And my toiletpaper!


Bea Kiddo

As a Case Supervisor I have seen plenty of them. And I had to help with the culls too.

But the way you have it worded, I would not say it like that. It goes like this:

(Maybe I was not involved in the GO/OSA ones, but there are culls done otherwise too)

A person wanting to leave Scn or majorly PTS to someone (ie: family member has gone to the press about Scn) or some such thing.

All folders are gone through. Usually they will do a time line with pc, ethics and personnel files of whatever they can.

In the most part, they try to use the information to recover the person. Not in a threatening way, early on, just in an attempt to "push the right button" to get the person to see or change their mind. And if the person is far gone, then they would go to other means, maybe sec checking or PTS handling with HCO (Division 1 of Scn org).


Once the person is beyond regular org lines and it becomes an "OSA" matter, maybe they use the same information there. A lot of what OSA is involved in is secret, even to the staff and Sea Org members around them.

I am sure there is another side entirely where they dig up dirt on a person from their past outside of the church. For example someone who has never been audited or been on lines. Then they would be digging in police files and so forth for dirt on the person. These people are what they consider fair game, I believe.

But respectable people don't do these kind of things.

Only people who are paranoid nutjobs. I have learned that now!


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I was part of the group culling folders after the 1977 Raid on PAC concerning the Snow White project. Folders for anyone working as a B1 spy (probably others as well) were culled - looking back on it, they were probably looking for dead agent material, should it have been needed against witnesses.
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Rogue male
It was attempted on me right here on this board.

Unfortunately for them they culled my folders for "crimes" prior to my departure and found some "clues", they added 1+1 and came up with 5. I was then accused of a crime which *should* have shuddered me into silence.

Unfortunately for them there was no crime on my part and their "Critics of Scientology" HCOB was just more Hubbard bunk.

I was able to table all the actual facts of this for the senate inquiry and put a report into the police regarding it.

The Great Zorg

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Wow - some surprising results and answers. I thought that only a few were privy to this culling bullshit. :clap:

I'm curious as to how far this thread will go and who might make use of it. :confused2:

When I was on 'lines' all it would have taken for me to permanently blow would have been to read this thread. :unsure:


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When I was a brand new staff member, I was asked by the AG Info of our org to cull the folder of one of the Sr. Execs. Folder culling was pretty commonplace as far as I know. Some staff were pretty upset about it.

The qual sec also convinced FP that the HGC auditing room should be bugged, with a direct line to him so he could sit at his desk and listen in to sessions live. Theoretically for "correction" purposes. This was back in about 1975.

The Great Zorg

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After a bit... 38% have seen it and another 42% have overheard it.

$cientology violates your and their sacrament of confession by using and abusing your confessionals for their own purposes.

...would make a good Anon protest sign. :yes:

...maybe too wordy. :confused2:


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We used to circle them in red and place them on the front cover items so that they could more easily be scanned. That was in AOLA's HGC on OT Preps and Confessionals.


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I've seen it done. I saw an OSA op on a.r.s. taunt a critic with knowledge of that critic's financial affairs...ok, that's not a pc folder but it is a type of blackmail and info she should not have had. I also have heard/read accounts of/by a number of people who were threatened, thus.

I had heard some things about my situation but have no proof of that. But even without that, I have heard more than enough to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that culling of folders does take place.