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Possible Scientology financial elder abuse in amount of $40,000 thwarted


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Possible Scientology financial elder abuse in amount of $40,000 thwarted.

Tony Ortega: Scientology is totally reading your comments here — and you’re scaring them senseless


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In the comments section of the post about Nora’s video, longtime reader Andrei “DodoTheLaser” Organ posted a pretty wild smackdown that hinted at something interesting going on where he is in the Cincinnati area…


You may remember Dodo from a story we did earlier about his son Daniel (2nd item, here). The Organ family is from Moldova, and Dodo is one of our many readers who is a former Church of Scientology member.

He tells us that he is friends with a woman who, like him, used to work on staff at Scientology’s Cincinnati org (which has been replaced by a new “Ideal Org” across the river in Florence, Kentucky). Now that they’re both out of the organization, they still live very close to each other, and their families are tight.

On Wednesday, Andrei got a series of frantic phone calls from his friend. She was being heavily recruited by the Florence Ideal Org, which wanted her to come back on course and on staff. And the Scientologists were pulling out all the usual tactics to overcome her objections, even going so far as to apply for a new credit card with a $40,000 credit limit on her behalf so she could pay in advance for expensive new classes to take her to “Clear.”

Andrei was incensed, and unleashed his rant in our comments section. “Back the Fuck Off,” he wrote. But what were the chances that his message, inscribed here at a blog hosted in New York, would even be read by Scientology officials in, of all places, Kentucky?

Thursday evening, Andrei got his answer. The following note was slipped under his neighbor’s door. (We’ve blacked out his friend’s name for her privacy.)


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