Prelim Raid Report Sydney 20/3/10


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Yup, that's her. Anyone know who she is? I think she's one we can leave for Xenu in case he wants a snack.

Karen Neil as Miss Pert says.

Very much "in" and always struck me as snide under the "nice" exterior. Usually, "quiet" - will regret this is a year or so I'm guessing :D


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Do it. Also, give her some shooped armpit hair. :lol:

Why? She's got plenty of her own. :giggle:

Seriously though, her behavior was so obnoxious and inappropriate I was thinking something along the lines of just the actual video clip with the IRL speech just as it happened and put it up on You tube with her name and case level as a shining example of the complete uncaring attitude, lack of compassion, and flat refusal to take any responsibility whatsoever for the atrocities that this group inflicts on the young innocents it lures in.

I think we should see if she can get more hits than George Baillie. :D


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Just watched all the videos.

The speeches were very good :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Well done to all of you.:happydance:



Do it, Kooka! Let's show her as an "example" of the "ethical OT". She was a nasty thing. She danced when I talked about abortions, too. Something about dead babies makes her laugh and sing. Pics with her with some anti-abortion pics of dead fetuses, pooned to the Christian groups should get some response!

Her husband was okay, tried to get her to shut up and shoved her in the door.

Thanks, Zhent, for all your hard work on the vids & pics.

The speeches were better than I thought they would be. Thanks for your all your help, mate. And everyone else's. :)