Privacy Complaint Received Regarding Video On YouTube.


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You are one of my favorite posters here and the way you handle yourself in the video just goes to show I am always right!! LOL

Anyways, of course it's quite ridiculous you recieved a complaint but that is standard footbullet tech in action!!! This guy was a great example of why I thank God on a daily basis that I am free of those morons!!

Rock on Baby!!!

Why thank you Sandygirl, you are obviously a girl of singular good taste and perspicacity. :)

I suppose privacy is a rather subjective thing. My argument is that we were both in a public place where there is no expectation of privacy as such.



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I don't think he realized the camera was more than that (video and voice recorder) ...


Perhaps not, but you’d have to be a bit of a numbskull not to think it was strange that I was holding this camera in front of my face the whole time.

But, I don't think that George was actually thinking at all. I tried to talk to him as a person and it was as though there was no one there and I was face to face with an automaton just spouting Hubbard anti-SP tech. It was really rather creepy.



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That was my question as well. I cannot see that any specific rule of their Terms and Conditions has been broken. The complaint appears to be based on the premise that someone’s privacy has been violated. I cannot understand this as the video was filmed in a public place. There is no expectation of privacy in this situation. If someone is concerned about a lack of privacy, then perhaps they shouldn’t go out to the homes of public Scientologists, asking them for money?

Anyway, I sent an Email off to YouTube support requesting clarification, but haven’t heard back yet.

That's easy.. OSA clearly expects to be able to 'load you up' with implant content in privacy... Look at this fiasco! - By filming him and putting the video on the intertubes, You made George load the intire WOG society up with implant content that was only meant for you!

You made the intire WOG society CRAZY!!

hmm.. I don't know why they're upset about that anyway.. Hubbard said that the intire human race was nuts back in 1950.. He explained that elaborately in the Dianetics book.. So what's new?

And besides.. Now Scientology has a known recent implanty that they can audit out of 'raw meat'.. Give a great win, like: "Hey! - I'm not razy anyway! -That was just some shit George Baillie said to Axiom! - There it was! - Right in my reactive mind, hidden under a mental ridge, making me think I was crazy! - I'm so happy I'm not crazy! - Lemm'e write a success story!!"

For a handsome fee! - Don't forget.. For a handsome fee! - Hell, you can make a living from that shit!



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If I'm understanding the Youtube email, they're saying that *anyone* can complain about his privacy being violated, whether there's a legal basis or not, if you didn't get his *permission* to show him. Legally there would be an issue if there was some commercial exploitation being done, which is not the case here.

And, if the Youtube position is that anyone can demand that video of him can be removed regardless of any *legal* basis to an expectation of pricacy, then a good percentage of Youtube videos need to be removed, unless everyone shown in every video has signed a consent to being shown.

Yes Zinj, this is my understanding of the situation as well. I think that this has far-reaching implications for any video on YouTube that features another living person. If they don’t like what they see, they can complain and the video may be removed.

But, to get back to basics, is there any evidence that *George* is the person who's complaining? Can I complain to Youtube about *anyone's* likeness being shown, or, do I have to be the person shown? Because that's what I suspect is happening; the *Church* is complaining; not George himself. What has Youtube done to verify that the person complaining *is* the person shown in the video?


That is a very good point Zinj, and one that I had thought of (obviously :) ). In fact, I raised this very point with YouTube Support. How do they know the complaint was from the person featured and not just from someone with malicious intent?

I don’t know how YouTube verify these things, or indeed if they do at all.

I still haven’t received a reply to my Email to YouTube, and I look forward to their response.



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Axiom, I feel you have acted with great integrity and have been staight forward. This video is a great example of how to conduct yourself in public. George clearly stops and comes back to shout at you at least a dozen times, when he could have simply walked away or even said "I don't want to talk to you".


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63,613 hits on Youtube

I wonder how many of the 63K viewers have passed this clip onto their friends ? :whistling:


I see both sides - you caught someone doing something stupid and embarrassing. Now thousands of people have seen that moment captured.

I can see why he'd want it taken down, even if that's how he truly feels and chooses to act.

Still, tough cookies. It's going to be around a long, long time. :happydance:

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Perhaps not, but you’d have to be a bit of a numbskull not to think it was strange that I was holding this camera in front of my face the whole time.

But, I don't think that George was actually thinking at all. I tried to talk to him as a person and it was as though there was no one there and I was face to face with an automaton just spouting Hubbard anti-SP tech. It was really rather creepy.


Yes, you can actually see and feel that from the video ... the poor soul seems to have left the light on, but then moved out of home ... as they say).


It will be interesting to see how they try to 'handle' it though ... I can imagine another vid coming out with George laughing and saying he was 'just joking' (with you) ... and 'obviously he didn't mean it literally', (esp the bit about you being trapped in an electronic incident on your wholetrack).


Whatever they do it will fail, and if they do nothing (which would be a first!) they are virtually saying that what George said was 'OK' and therefore 'correct' ... them just getting the vid removed from Youtube certainly isn't going to 'handle' anything.



Yes I know this has been said before but just so no one misses it "they" would not ask for it to be taken down unless it was bad for the image of the CofS and frankly it makes them look nuts at best, so AX just stick to your guns.
As for that poor bastard george well, he should know that the video would end up on U tube, its standard practice for protesters, anons and critics to post it all on u tube and other sites, so if he had nothing sane to say he should have just STFU and left you on your way....... but he didn't, and helped you stick it up the CofS. power to you AX, you pulled him in, he pulled you in, and between the both of you its a big sucked in to the CofS.

OSA is like:furious:

George is like:sorry:

and we are like:laugh:


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I have first hand validation that I have a "Himmler file".

You want to say why you were targeted? post here or private if you wish.

yeah, my 'refusal to buy' met with with "why not"?
i gave answers that put the guy selling me off, so he didn't even finish his Student Hat... Supressive or Wot?

I'll not go into detail because i know those reasons are in my 1.1SP file, and then they'd be able to link my trollsona with it


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Here's a new one. Not only have anons mirrored the original video dozens of times they are not making new ones featuring our favorite scilon, George.

Squirrel Nuts!! Batshit Scilon Theatre-3000

Even though I've seen the original, that remixed video just made me :giggle: :laugh: :dieslaughing: :roflmao:

Also, great squirrel footage! I feed the squirrels in my back yard daily, so I enjoy watching the little critters. I find it very amusing that CoS members consider "squirrel" to be a major insult, although I understand why they feel that way.