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I just created this board so let me make a brief introduction.

My name is John Nunez. I am a Class VI Auditor and Case Supervisor. I reside in Sacramento, CA. I am a firm supporter of LRH tech and my intention with this forum is to create a community that can have that as a common reality, rather than constantly have to fend off critics who seek to invalidate its workability.

I've been out of the church for about 3 years now. I trained at Flag for about 6 years total, 1992-1997, parts of 1998, and 2000. I got through two versions of the Briefing Course, one before and one after the Golden Age of Tech. I passed videos through Class XII Snr C/Ses there as well as RTC. My metering and TRs have both been inspected meticulously by those terminals, and I ultimately graduated with honors from FSO. Here is a picture from several years ago when I was the Senior C/S for Sacramento Org:


After those 6 years of training, I was on post for about 8 years. At the end of my last contract I decided to route off staff after encountering a lot of financial stress. I also saw a lot of off-policy and out-tech actions from management that were not per LRH. This is when a lot of problems occurred as there were major attempts to keep me on staff, despite sincere efforts to get through the routing out process by myself, and so I ultimately left the church. This resulted in being expelled, cutting me off from close friends and associates. However, I knew that I would never go back with such injustice and squirrel activity rampant throughout the Scientology network, namely by David Miscavige.

I am happy to say that I am practicing Standard Tech from home and the wins for my pcs have been fantastic. I'll be posting them in the Success Story section, as well as inviting them to participate in the postings here.

Glad to have you all here.


Nunez seems like a well-spoken, intelligent guy. I do not envy him his journey as a Scientologist, but I do respect his character in getting out of the Church.

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There was a thread about this board earlier. I browse it sometimes but don't like the fact they won't allow people who are critical of either LRH or the Tech to say their piece. I think free speech matters.