Project: Mister Postman

From my post at Enturb

April's theme is Operation Reconnect.

I believe one way to draw media attention would be to have as many ex-scion, disconnected people, SPs, and others who have connections to people on the inside write a letter to them. Then, on the April Protest, at every protest site, copies of all these letters in bundles (NOT in envelopes, we don't want them to claim there was stuff in there.) will be hand delivered to the CoS. Yes, a copy of every letter to every CoS picket.

Given the CoS denial of disconects, a massive stack, or stacks of letters trying desperatly to reach the people inside CoS should make for a hell of a photo op. Basically, if there was no disconnect, then WHY are there so many letters trying to reconnect to people inside?

Futhermore, the CoS will be in a bind. If they REFUSE the letters, then they will look bad for not allowing friendly letters to pass. If they ACCEPT the letters, they could convice a good number of people to blow. And if they pretend to accept, then toss them in the dumpster, well... won't that make a lovely headline in the local new

If possible, please continue discuss over at Enturbulation, so as to keep it all neatly in one thread, but if not, I'll check here daily.

I really would like to deliver these personally to CoS offices, and ask them in person "So, you don't disconnect, eh?" :angry:
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