Proof of the lies about the basics and the library campaign.


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Dr. Simonetta Po-Thesis on: “The Church of Scientology:

Dr. Simonetta Po graduated from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
with a Thesis on:
“The Church of Scientology:

Let’s apply the above definition
to the massive regging cycle of the “Basic Books and Lectures”
that were sold and supposedly sent
to the Libraries all over the world…

There was definitely care on making sure the money

were flowing from the parishioners pockets,

banck accounts, trust funds, loans into the org accounts.

They arrived and were deposited right away.

Unfortunately that did not happen for the books and lectures.

As many of you may have already discovered

having checked into their local libraries,

the Book and Lectures, despite being officially declared

by the Church of $cientology

to be in every library in the US and Italy,

were not there.

Where they went?

Dr. Simonetta Po, at the time working in a library,
told us she personally saw tons of boxes dropped
in the libraries’s basements,
many after a long time ended up into the trash.

The lecture size was exceeding the standard shelf size​
making it a real problem to get them stored.

Moreover the way the binders and CD’s were recorded (ISBN number)​
made it very complicated for the library​
to file the books and lecture in the computer system.

Dr. Simonetta Po, told us she spent hours and hours of her own time​
finding a way to enter one by one every single the lectures​
into the libraries main computer system.

She is not a Scientologist, althoug she knows more​
about it than 90% of the people who call themselves such.

Dr. Simonetta Po spent years studying every single book and lecture
with the purpose to discover how a religion as $cientology would
turn into psychological mind control and abuses.
To find the point where the parishioners gives up
his power of choice and the willingness to look
and becomes an obedient member of the cult.

While basically every single staff was posted as a reg​
after their regular post hours,​
no one was put in charge to follow-up​
the end-product of the regging cycle:​
“Getting the Books and Lecture into the libraries​
on display to be used by the public.”

No one cared to see if these packages actually ended up on the shelves.​
No one except Simonetta Po.​
A wonderful person the Church considers an SP.

Dr. Simonetta Po graduated from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
with a Thesis on:
“The Church of Scientology:
From a Science of the mind to a paid religion.”​
Her final score was: 110 on 110 cum laude,​
and dignity of print.​
The latter been given only twice in a year.

from 29 NOV 2010



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If the real intent was to make LRH materials widely available, the most effective way would have been to make the audio and text available online. But doing so would not have resulted in massive revenue to DM.


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orgs do get engrams

Yes thats LRH The work was free keep it so..

.later years Make money , make more money...

and now the Super COB version ..just..get the F__kin money from the donos

Organisational Price "
Engram" policy...where the orgs are physically traumatised and go unconscious, idle into a coma then die.


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CS says Might take a few months..

the way out is the way through