Protecting my daughter


Scientologists only allowed to date Scientologists?

What you (and she) might not understand about this new relationship is that her new boyfriend is NOT ALLOWED to have a girlfriend who is not a Scientologist. He must either recruit her into the Cult (and will likely be paid a percentage of what her coursework or auditing brings in for it) or eventually must disconnect from her, in order to "stay onlines", to stay in good standing and be able to keep doing courses and/or auditing himself. It's Cult POLICY. :yes:

Which policy letter states this? I have never encountered anything in Scn policy that regulates the romantic (sexual) lives of members outside the Sea Org. In fact, there is a direct LRH policy that specifically prohibits Scientology from any such interference.

Most Scientologists I've known dated or were married to non-Scientologists. I never once had a date with a Scientologist and no one ever, not even once demanded that I only date Scientologists.

It's that policy that allows openly gay and lesbian Scientologists to go on course or receive auditing (up to a point, obviously, as they would not be approved for OT levels).

Now, maybe to gain OT eligibility one cannot be romantically involved with a non-Scientologist, and I could see why they would have such a policy, but regardless, I would like to see the evidence for this.