Protest at Gold Base and in Hemet, Feb 28 @ 1:00 PM


Gold Meritorious Patron interviewing Smurf:




And of course, attention whore Pope, just HAS to get in there:


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This is actually the beginning of the raid, where we normally gather up and plan our devious deeds. Pope was testing the new signs:





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Here I really want to thank Anon Touchtone for coming with me, to make sure I was not going to be by myself at the corner of Florida & State in Hemet. You will see in some of the upcoming videos that my costume was not universally accepted by a few of the risident rednecks in Hemet. For the most part (95%) of the people laughed, and that's the intent.






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Here are a few random pictures worth posting:





Mark Bunker was there (yes that makes 12 people at the raid !)


GREAT Photos

Small town, small protest, big pictures big on stirring up public concern. Nice warrior costume for the battle. Not quite Tigris from Gaul of Gladiator.
Did I miss the Mardi Gras? Good work.

Free to shine

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Funny Anon Orange! :D :happydance:

Here's Graham Berry's report:

Most of us arrived together just before 1 PM. As soon as we started walking up the roadside they turned the sprinklers on us (which may be a technical assault). One of the guards kept storming out to advise us that we were trespassing (as we stood on the side of the rioad) and that it was dangerous. Scientology vehicles kept driving across from gate to gate to try and catch us “obstructing ingress/egress.” Catherine Fraser and Tommy Davis turned up and after we had been there over an hour two deputy sheriffs arrived. As soon as they arrived Scientology’s national trial counsel, Elliot Abelson, lurched over to the guard shack.

After about 15 minutes the officers came out to see us. They were very polite and professional and basically told us to carry on as we were. In addition, they explained (on camera) that we could cross in front of the guard house to get from one curb to another. In other words that we could engage in the very conduct that led to The M & M Arrests last week (the video tape might cause Catherine Fraser and Tommy Davis a problem in the civil action against them and CSI). Even after the deputies arrived Catherine Fraser, Tommy Davis and Elliot Abelson were glued to their cell phones. OSA and DM yelling at them to "make it go right?"

At about 3-15 PM we decided to leave and join AO who was picketing at the busiest intersection in down town Hemet. As we were getting in our cars the Deputy Sheriffs drove up and very apologetically issued AGP a citation for vandalism; a private citizens arrest/complaint (by Catherine Fraser again) against AGP for walking on the pansy patch. The Sheriffs even co-operated in choosing a court date that did not conflict with the speeches against Scientology that I am giving in St. Petersburg (Russia) and Hamburg (Germany) during May [more on this in a separate post). AGP explained to the Deputies that Scientology policies call for the extermination of homosexuals, that pansy is anti-gay epithet and that he was expressing protesting the hate (AGP pansy tech!). Actually, the sprinklers had originally forced a tip toe through the foliage as they sprayed us.

We engaged in some epic enturbulation at Florida and State Streets in Hemet. The public really reacted positively to our messages. Of course AO was a major attraction. You’ve seen the photograph. AO dragged cross-dressing down to new depths! I left just as the news crew was arriving. They did not need my on air contribution and I had my own documentary film maker riding with me.

Finally, this is a call for as many Anons as possible to join us at the Riverside County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday March 3 at 9 PM when the “targeted residential picketing” Ordinance No.884 is on the agenda again.

AGP’s citation raises an interesting legal issue. He was not on their property. He was on their pansies which are on public property. Can you vandalize a private pansy on public property? Do you need specific intent with regard to each poor pansy? Is it a proper citizen’s arrest? As things stood already, and as I told the deputies, Catherine Fraser, Tommy Davis and CSI are going to be sued for the false arrests of AO and the Two Marks.

In haste prior to a meal.



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Love the SCN cossie :D the political suit looks pretty sharp too.

Also noticed that guy checking out AGP's bottom, did he pull?


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These pictures are great! Sounds like you got a lot of agreement. I'm sure everyone in Hemet now knows about Stone and his cosying up to the cult.

I think it is important to keep the demonstrations fun and innovative, and not to take ourselves too seriously.

Once bitten

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These pictures are great! Sounds like you got a lot of agreement. I'm sure everyone in Hemet now knows about Stone and his cosying up to the cult.

I think it is important to keep the demonstrations fun and innovative, and not to take ourselves too seriously.

I agree with you Kookaburra!! :thumbsup:


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So then you don't care about the message.
Lol, the point is to have fun. Like I've said, if you take yourself seriously, then they have something they can use against you. :3 We've been silly since the beginning with the masks and cake and dancing. Other people are free to do whatever they want and have boring serious business protests, but our style is much more fun and it's never going to change! :thumbsup:


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Aaaaargh! Queasycam. I forgot. I watched the whole of the first one and now I feel a bit nauseous. Man, last time I did this it took like an hour to settle out. Interesting video, but not worth the price!



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Scientologist Gold Base escapee in downtown Hemet !

Here's my video taken by Anon Touchstone, who kindly came there early with me to be there so I was not going to be alone. It's kind of dangerous to do that stuff alone as you'll see by some of the response I got:

Enjoy !