Protest at Scientology's Big Blue in Los Angeles, 09-28-13


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That beautiful place is going to become expensive, huge condos. And ...

So the cult has recently harvested ~$20,000,000 from it's long gone as well as present followers. Long term donations is the key to build a free real estate portfolio like they do.

Thanks for the info, you're the best!:thumbsup:

I hope lurkers and fence sitters read this.



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I keep looking for my mom hunched in one of those crowds and never see her. Haven't seen her since 04. I hope she is ok. She never has met my 2 children, or my husband, because she chose to disconnect from me.

She is in the Sea Org. Last I knew she was ASHOF but I heard now she is in CLO.

I would happily invite her back into our lives!


I'm so sorry to hear this, Bea. :hug: It is heartbreaking to know that this horrible, vindictive practice still goes on. :bigcry:

It amazes me that their perverted desire to destroy families and cause maximum suffering to anyone who leaves completely overrides their need to survive as a group. It is ultimate stupidity and insanity rolled into one. :no: