Protest on the HGB & Winter Wonderland, 5/11/10..


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A small group of anons & ex-Scientologists protested at the HGB, the Testing Center & L. Ron Hubbard's Winter Wonderland Saturday night in Hollywood.

The weather was on the warm side and the streets were packed with people. Hollywood Blvd between Highland & LaBrea was shut down for the Los Angeles movie premier of Disney's 'Tron: Legacy'.

I heard that stress tables were set up at the Hollywood/Highland complex. When I arrived, the table had been broken down & was being carted away. I asked one of the Scilons why they were leaving.

He said H & H security ordered them to shut down because the tables were interfering with the massive flow of people on the sidewalk, already limited by traffic barriers set up for the movie premiere.

I get a fair share of angst from some critics who question why I'm respectful & considerate to Scientology staff.. I've learned it improves my ability to have some great comms with members I really want to see out of Scientology and living their lives freely... Andy Knapp is a great example.

In the numerous comms I've had with Andy, he's had a difficult time playing the role of a bully that the other Scio guards play trying to impress their peers. Andy tries.. and sometimes totally ignores me, and as you can see on video, when I ask questions uncomfortable to him, he averts his eyes away from me or walks away... but he's never taken an "in your face" approach or slung personal insults that some of the other guards have...


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I think you are doing a great job talking with these guys. Andy could'nt help but warm up, lol.

He walks like he has a problem with his hip or lower back. You really hit the button when you brought it up several times. Maybe he'll insist on getting some medical help before it gets worse.

I do think it's important that when you are with other protesters out there that they protest while you speak to the staff, as the church enjoys the diversion from protesting when it becomes a circle chat. Just saying ....

Keep up the good work :thumbsup:

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Re: Andy

:omg: Andy has really aged, he looks awful, hunched back & limping still, can't believe how bad he looks. He needs to get out of that place & quick.