Protester arrested at "Stand Tall" raid at Celebrity Centre, Aug. 6, 2011

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Benny's Friend/Resistance is Futile and I'mglib report that a protester has just been arrested at the "Stand Tall" raid at the Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles.

Well, that was exciting.

Unfortunately I'm not sure what the outcome of the incident was, and whether the arrest actually resulted in someone being taken in. One protester was cuffed by a cop, and another was told he couldn't walk down the street.

The two cops involved definitely seemed to be pro Scientology.

The event was the anniversary of the Celebrity Center. There were a lot of people decked out in tuxes and formal attire. It seemed there was a stage set up in the parking lot, and there were tall fences all around. The Scientologists spent a loooong time talking to the cops, I presume to try to figure out a way to keep us off the sidewalk, but one protester had the street closure permit with him, and successfully argued that we were allowed on the sidewalk.

I am pretty sure they were cooking bacon or ham inside, because it smelled pretty good.

We had some great signs and music, and got tons of honks, thumbs up, etc. Neighbors came out to talk to us and complain about the Scientologists. SO MUCH OSA AND SECURITY GUARDS! We saw Moxon there, too, after the incident with the protesters and the cops.

And, we had a out-of-town guest--Arnie Lerma! I'll bet they were surprised to see him.



I'm Glib

Some observations:

1. OSA talked to the cops for a long time, after it was made clear that the sidewalk couldn't be closed.

2. As we were standing on a different corner where the cars were driving in, the cop, I'll call him Officer Pushy, tried to get us off the sidewalk, which was clearly ridiculous. There was a Scientology woman videotaping the cars coming in, and the cop said she had a film permit, and that we had to stay out of her shot. I don't believe she had a film permit, and even if she did, we were standing behind her and unless it was a 360 degree camera, couldn't possibly have been in her shot. Also, can they make you stay out of their shot anyway? For instance, MTV filmed some stuff in our town, and irate people constantly tried to mess up their shots, and no one got arrested.

3. When the other cop got in the argument with one protester about the sidewalk closure, we all instantly pulled out cameras. Unfortunately I pressed the wrong button and didn't record...but it looked like I was. So were a couple other people, and I feel fairly certain that all the cameras were a good thing. You could just feel it.

4. Officer Pushy didn't like the way everyone was filming and he got in front of the one guy he ended up arresting to stop him from filming. That guy just happened to be standing closest to officer Pushy.

5. OSA seemed to have DA material on each person that they repeated like robots.

6. Why do people belong to this ridiculous 'church'?

7. Actually, I think part of the reason is so they can go to the ***Celebrity Center*** and get dolled up. People wore tuxedos and petticoats and sparkly necklaces. You could smell BACON cooking, and there was cheesy live music. I heard from someone who had been on the other side that they spend a ton of dough and make it really fancy.

8. A woman with a dog walked up the same sidewalk where the protester got arrested, around the same time. I guess if you're some woman with a dog, the sidewalk was open. She talked to us before and after, and had nothing good to say about the Scientologists, and the constant closing of the sidewalks and streets.