Public complaints to David Miscavige - best route to his desk?


Hi. Newbie here.

Without a doubt, I am sure the general public sends letters of complaints to the church, most likely through the official CoS website. But do those letters (emails) actually reach David Miscavige? Or are they read by staff and simply purged at the first sign of a complaint? He seems to be a control freak so I wonder if he reads them first so as to prevent his staff from hearing negative things. Any insight on the best ways that complaint emails can reach his desk? Perhaps via the RTC website contact form? I am not trying at all to encourage the public to send mass complaints. But the truth is that many like me want to tell him off a little bit but are held back assuming that the official website contact form goes nowhere. Thus is why I though the RTC contact form might have better potential. I don't see a Twitter account for Miscavige or anything like that. I assume though people all over the world send disgruntled emails via the CoS website. Any insight on who processes those emails?


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The cult has little to do with reality so you can image DM has even less interest in it.

DM was too busy to find Tom Cruise a wife so I'm sure he's too busy to read email from the general public.

It's probably filtered through OSA (Office of Special Affairs or something like that). Only a small number is brought to his attention I bet.


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He may or may not see them. But what the purpose of that report line is, is to detect dissatisfaction in the ranks. Anyone who reports broad off policy action or out tech will be ordered to sec checks, reverse auditing, comm ev and declare and disconnection from any Scientologist they know, including family members and spouse. It is gruesome. If you are a Scientologist, you had best keep your mouth shut and cower in a corner and comply with any henious order you are given or face the wrath of the dwarf.

OR you could blow and join the ranks of the free. :yes:

If you are not in the CoS and do not have any friends or family left in there, then by all means, use that report line.


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LOL. Just like the staff members that report false stats to prevent a verbal beat down or a trip to the RPF, I'm sure that Miscavige only hears how wonderful the church is growing & expanding.