Public Gathers For Narconon Protest

Demented LRH

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I think that, eventually, the Oklahoma branch will be shut down. But the other Narconon branches are likely to survive.

Lone Star

Could this be the beginning of the end?


It's going to go a long way in "helping" Narconon die by death of a thousand cuts. It will help to raise awareness of just what Narconon truly is and therefore keep new patients away from it.

I have no hope for Narconon being shut down in the U.S. through legal means. Our current legal/political system is just too goddamn corrupt to do what other countries have done to these criminals. The cult is extremely effective at manipulating the U.S. system. Notice how they always get away with it ever since the pivotal year of 1993? They've suffered civil losses, but no losses in criminal cases. Hell I can't think of one criminal charge that made it to trial in the U.S. I don't believe that there will be any legal remedy. :angry:

But the protests are still a great idea and will serve the cause of exposing these assholes well, and keep raw meat from going through the doors.