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Punishments, Too Gruesomes, Lowers You Went Through, etc. as Staff

Discussion in 'Staff "War Stories"' started by clamicide, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Gizmo

    Gizmo Rabble Rouser

    Oh, I remember reading about the Inquisition - those folks found a way to smash their name into history.

    May be the old boy thought 'leave no stone unturned' & all that?

    Bless his heart !
  2. SPsince83

    SPsince83 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Likely boric acid. It isn't exactly a poison. The bugs walk through it and when they clean it off with their mouths, it acts like ground glass and chews up the bug's soft tissue. The bugs don't avoid it because it doesn't give off the toxic indicators of poison and the survival rate is zero so there is no ability to evolve a resistant species. Very effective. But don't eat it.
  3. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Right......there was something, an LRH PL, Base Order or SO Tape about using "Ethics Gradients" because Scientology ethics was soooo powerful - whole spiritual existence for eternity on the line, can overwhelm people instead of just handle the ethics matter, blah, blah.

    So start out at just the right level and increase only as needed.
  4. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Late 70s - early 80s similar experience. Lack of tools, tools in disrepair, but no deliberate calculated use of inadequate or demeaning tools as punishment.

    Same with sleep deprivation, multiple day shifts, poor food, no - little pay, etc. It was SOP - could be interpreted as punishment and degradation but I did not sense it was a deliberate punishment program.

    RPF was another matter.
  5. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    There were grease trap on the grills and this is put into 50 gallon drums and picked up by the Grease Truck like regular restaurants but grease gets spilled and migrates everywhere so when they mop the place down it must go down the leaky drains and end up in the sub-floor, ick.

    My personal theory is that the bulk cooking in those massive steel kettles over cooks everything and it becomes devoid of nutrition. Perhaps the combination of this institutional cooking and exposure to carcinogens on building construction (and smoking) is the reason I am seeing cancer as COD of so many long term SO members. Stress doesn't help.
  6. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Boric Acid. I think it kills the enzymes or bacteria in their digestive tract and they starve.
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  7. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Toothbrushes? You guys got ....toothbrushes?
  8. Boojuum

    Boojuum Silver Meritorious Patron

    Regarding punishment in the COS

    I found the signature bit on Liability a lot more difficult than the physical crap. Every Liability formula I did resulted in me feeling less powerful and less causative, yet somehow more of a bona fide group member. I actually enjoyed the physical stuff and the "effective blows" were somehow cleansing but the problem was that completing the formula enhanced the us/them mentality that the COS thrives on.

    Doing the conditions was mind control abuse.
  9. HappyGirl

    HappyGirl Gold Meritorious Patron

    Jeez! I just want to go back in time and give you a :hug:.
  10. Victoria

    Victoria Patron Meritorious

    I had a course supervisor Phil on ASHO FND. (don't remember his last name).
    Anyway, he claimed he was making great money on the side selling grease to cosmetics factories, who used it in their face creams.
    I wonder if that was true, or had he just been sent to rat alley one too many times?
  11. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    If the SO was enterprising they could save some money here . . . .
  12. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    HCO POLICY LETTER OF 29 APRIL 1965 "Ethics, Review"
  13. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Recycled grease is used in animal feed and for bio-fuel.

    This is where it is kept at Big Blue (just to the left of the Horseshoe Entrance):!1sLXly0lUgCvX58c3mxOubZA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    The trash compactor is on the right. The entrance to the hall leading to the Galley/kitchen is just past the compactor. The flies migrate down the hall to the food prep area. The Galley is basically under siege by vermin - rats and cockroaches from below and flies to the right. If there aren't enough people posted to the Galley to keep it sanitary then it can get out of control quickly. The RPF were used to back fill Galley personnel. If an SO member doesn't make the grade they can expect to end up in the Galley at some point.

    In the above image, to the left is the Boiler Room. Another favorite employee motivational program destination often mentioned in these threads.
  14. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    Long term stress
    Lack of sleep
    Bad nutrition

    All can contribute to cancer.

    Research Again Confirms Links Between Poor Sleep, Weight Gain, and Cancer

    The Metabolic Consequences of Sleep Deprivation

    More articles on sleep deprivation and cancer
  15. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    That's the one!

    But we are learning how LRH exercised summary judgement quite often. He was infallible as "Source" and these gradient ethics measures did not apply to his jurisprudence. When he sentenced people to the chain locker or tossed them over board into oily bilge contaminated harbor water was there any Comm Ev or Hearing? DM has inherited this authority. It appears LRH favored DM to a great degree exactly because he emulated LRH's position on this as his Messenger On Duty and as CMO Action Chief or Programs Ops.

    LRH may have been a totalitarian at heart but he also took extensive measures to preserve positive PR, or at least keep negative PR internal. Strip away the PR and all that remains is Totalitarianism.

    The RPF was effectively the compartmentalized removal of the PR facade for internal purposes. To other staff it wasn't Totalitarianism because technically it was a "voluntary" program. But to anyone who was paying attention it was obvious that this was the camel's nose in the tent. It is where the organization was ultimately heading. How many of the people who have high levels of authority are RPF graduates and identify with DM's interpretation of "Ethics Gradient"?

    In order to remain for a long time one either has to have a high tolerance for dispensing abuse or receiving it.

    This thread is about excessive abuse like being ordered to clean toilets with a toothbrush. I wasn't being punished when we had "White Glove" inspections but often I had only a rag and my bare hands to clean those toilets. There just weren't any supplies. Its hard to make a distinction between punishment and the day to day conditions under those circumstances. And if the White Glove inspection didn't pass the whole crew had to stay late into the night until it did, many times, on top of regular duties.

    Anyone inspecting a White Glove would have been someone who had to do a White Glove themselves. Just like a staff member signing off on another staff member's Liability Formula petition, we trade off being abused and holding court over each other. Often an area just could not be White Gloved - it needed renovation, so after 2-3 flunks and most of the night the inspector gives a pass because they know it is just tantamount to abusive control but they can't make it look too easy or they will get in trouble. Signing off on someone's Liability Petition means questioning them about what they did to make sure you have confidence that they really applied the formula before you sign - so again we are all trading places, today you are a prisoner in the gulag and tomorrow you are a guard.

    "Too Gruesomes" were after my time but in a world where abuse and neglect are routine I guess they need to get creative to make an impact.
  16. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    I spent several hours inside that trash compactor once scrubbing the garbage off the walls. We were told the power was off. :). Vaguely unpleasant but not dangerous, and we had bigger brushes than toothbrushes.

    Where was the grease kept?

  17. TheOriginalBigBlue

    TheOriginalBigBlue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Funky! That was always the armpit of the place. It looks like they have tried to clean it up and the screened fence is a good idea. The one thing covered out of propriety instead of paranoia. I think the grease drum was just kept out by the loading dock or over against the Boiler Room by the stairs. In itself its no big deal - every large restaurant type facility has these. If they are not stored right and you get flies in it and they can migrate into the food prep area - thats another matter. Back in the day the doors between the compactor area and the kitchen were often broken or left open and it was pretty awful. They may have Religious tax exempt status but they still get inspected by the city health department so it might be tolerable by now. I don't know if those records are available to the public.
  18. Cat Daddy

    Cat Daddy Silver Meritorious Patron

  19. Adam7986

    Adam7986 Declared SP

    I was 17 years old, and they had me in the industrial shredder at PAC. It's located in the motor pool. This was when I was "on decks" routing out of the SO. I wasn't given any protective gear during the time I was shredding. It went on for 8+ hours. I have to say it was nice being isolated from everyone, but having to occasionally talk to the witch that ran estates at the time (in 2004) was unnerving.

    Side note: She was actually very nice to me while I was on decks, but prior to that she had treated me like dogshit. I never understood why.

    Anyway, for several weeks I would blow my nose and it would be all kinds of different colors because of the dust that got up in there. That's one of the ways I found out about all the sex and other stuff that was going on at PAC. I would occasionally stop and read some of the things I was shredding.
  20. Adam7986

    Adam7986 Declared SP

    I forgot to add 8+ hours per day, for weeks.