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Those Mennonites always turned me on, with their little doily head scarfs, and their long gray dresses with the ruffled sleeves.

You could always tell that there was a lot going on underneath there.

Where no one could look.

But everyone imagined.

On behalf of my Mennonite ancestors and far distant cousins, I thank you! :)

An ack back to all who wrote to me about the corn stories, I'm glad I could create a pleasure moment for you! Maybe we should start a corn lovers thread! :happydance: Chili and cornbread muffins-Yum!


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Or for an alternate view, ask yourself the question: what could possible keep them [the 90% who don't know about the Xenu/BT story] interested in scientology if not "xenu"?...

...what did YOU do while YOU were in?...
You ignored and diverted my point which was; exposing Alien/Xenu/BTs to all scientologists entering/exiting an Org -- is not attacking the 'beliefs' of 90% of them -- because roughly 90% of scientologists never/ever hear about Alien/Xenu/BTs. And exposing the Xenu myth to this 90%, is actually doing them a favor. Because when you expose the off-the-wall Xenu 'beliefs' that are in store for them, many of this 90% will run for the hills.

Now I will answer both of these questions together:

. The 90% were kept dumb about the Alien/Xenu/BT (Body Thetan) story -- because scientology knew if it was exposed to them, they'd run away laughing.
. People were manipulated into the cult, and mind-f***ed into staying.
. I was only 'in' for a few months in total, on and off, mostly off.
. In my later stages I wasn't 'interested' in scientology, but I submitted to the threats, until I realized that was another mind-f***.

What I learned for myself is -- You can never leave scientology 'cleanly'. The only way to get rid of them is; you have to p*** them off (such as threatening to sue them), you have to burn the bridge behind you. And even then, they'll fairgame you if you speak out about them. Better to never get involved, to never let them have your name.
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