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Qabalistic Reintrepretation of Binah

I wanted to provide an updated template for addressing scientology. I want the reader to understand that updating an understanding is different from changing the definition, and in this thread I will not be redefining scientology, but I will be simplifying the concept.

Ron L. Hubbard defined a triangle as ARC that is "Affinity, Reality and Communication, which Hubbard claimed are the components of Understanding". This is actually a reference to infinity, whereby a soul and body become united through the process of life. ARC more accurately can be seen as the consciousness of intelligent life.

I am using the picture below of a triangular prism to demonstrate the relationship between the soul and infinity as a precursor to our discussion, when referencing Ron L. Hubbard's ARC triangle.

The Soul and Infinity (polyhedra)
tringular prism.JPG

Our discussion will clarify the relationship between the "soul and consciousness" that is being referenced in the "Qabalistic Tree of Life", this is the difference the soul and infinity cannot exist in a finite creation, but the "soul and consciousness" because it is not a perfect infinity can exist in creation. The "soul and consciousness" is the basis of Ron L. Hubbard's ARC, when referencing the Qabalistic Tree of Life, but you must understand the definition of ARC Ron L. Hubbard can apply in the "soul and infinity" and in the "soul and consciousness". Which I will examine and reveal, and clarify.

Incorrect Qabalistic Tree of Life (take note)

I want you to understand why I have called this incorrect and why I have drawn an X in it. It is because it is not simplified enough to become to maintain its meaning. And very easily you can misunderstand what is occuring in this tree of life in relation to Ron L. Hubbard's ARC which represents the soul, I will not change the meaning, but provide a more infallible intrepretation.

Before we continue, I will have a short word with you, because I often do not speak with many words. The soul is a kind of energy, and a soul with no potential energy cannot involve itself in consciousness, and will not involve itself in the function of "life". On the other hand a soul with potential will loses infinity and gains the element of consciousness, which is necessary for the process of life in an intelligent organism. The soul is an ellusive form of energy, that has the potential to affect consciousness in a living organism which is "intelligent life" in a number of different ways. Ron L. Hubbard has attempted to demonstrate this relationship by his work, to help man, so do not be offended by any of the things I speak of but, take observence, the times and seasons are in *y power and these things are becoming known.

The "soul and consciousness", correct Qablisism according to Ron L. Hubbard


Scientology addresses the SOUL, and Dianetics addresses the MIND. The above demonstrates the connection between the SOUL and the MIND that is used with scientology. I have used numbers in the first chart under 1 to clarify the second chart under 2. You can understand that the SOUL is represented by the small triangle in the 2nd chart, and the MIND is represented by the larger triangle in the 2nd chart. This is a description of life, that is the soul and consciousness. There is only one official kind of life in the universe that is intelligent life, this does not have to be carbon based, or accepted by another civilization to be defined as life, but because you do not know other civilizations like I know other civilizations I have spoke to you in the manner.

Examination of Correct Qabilism According to the above Chart

Ron L. Hubbard has given you the definition of the SOUL, but of the MIND and consciousness as with life, I will give you my intrepretation. In the above chart these are the values, and I will give you the meaning at the end.

1. Communication
2. Affinity
3. Reality
4. Personification
5. Personality
1. (has a dual value) Understanding

The Soul is more dominant in that the Mind will fight against it with ego, to attempt a balance, this natural balance is the enemy Ron L. Hubbard called "wog", this state of balance that is the opposition to the soul, Ron L. Hubbard uses to describe the natural man.

I want you to understand the relationship between the SOUL and the MIND, as one that is contrasted SOUL against MIND and one that is compared SOUL TO MIND.

You will use the above chart to understand this relationship accordingly, and Ron L. Hubbard's reproof. Observe the following example

The SOUL is communication, affinity, and reality

The MIND is understanding, personality, and personification

The balance is defined by communication to understanding's ratios

Affinity from the SOUL, is progressive against the Personality of the MIND

Reality from the SOUL, is progressive against personification of the MIND

The Practice of Scientology and Dianetics is the art of mending the MIND, so that its balance is not defined as its war against the SOUL, the SOUL being more dominant, and more benigh. Just because the SOUL is more dominant does not make it more aggressive, as I have said it is benign.

This is a PERFECT REINTREPRETATION of Scientologies Qabalism Relationship

Aleiser Crowley the artist who drew the image of LAM, the identity of the "newlife for mankind" of which I am both judge and jury, and I am also the redeemer. Based his fundamental understanding off the jewish habakkah.

I am the greater, and have based this perfect translation from a real extraterrestrail, of which I know, and mankind will also know, this is the hour that is in my power. To give wisdom and revelation, such that the life of a man is taken by reason of a transgression against the son. If Lam spoke to Aleiser Crowley then, Lama has spoke to me, and mankind will see my mystery.


Jesus Christ himself called out Lama because of the children who forget god

MATTHEW 27:46 And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

The eight day sabbath, is a sabbath, and on this sabbath day Christ does not do the work, the aliens will do the work, that is the law of NEWLIFE, I bring from the father in heaven.


Billions of people will die, and this nations which has given me the most suffering, I have not removed from my book of life, yet I have made a state a principality. Seeing that billions will die, and I have given this nation mercy which wars with me, seeing I have given this truth, am I not justified to take more of your lifes as a reminder of the death I will give to your people for violating my law of NEWLIFE? You then having no righteousness or no faith, or no understanding of a parable, not because you were not given but because you choose to come against your father, an I also not righteous or against the faith because of your faith and your righteousness?

The elements of the earth will cause more american citizens to die, this is my mercy and righteousness to you, to prepare you to accept the judgement, that it be well with you, that some are taken by death, that I do not deliberately take the multitudes by death.

-end of ambiguity
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Trying to make sense out of Hubbard's steaming piles of road-apples is an utter waste of time for humans.
The bottom line is, the whole system is a contrived mess designed to suck the life and money out of other-wise well intentioned folks by hooking them up to the giant milking/bilking machinery of CoS and attempting to make it seem like there is something positive to gain.
Subject has been thrashed to death before imho. Nothing new to add, but watching the crippled gyrations of apologists can, at times, be mildly amusing~ in a 'can't look away from train-wreck' sortta way.

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Is this Third Jelly Bean from the Sun a Troll, or something? He's speaking of Hubbard as if the latter were a lofty complex guru with altruistic purposes. Hubbard said of the Hebrews, that they were primatives and of minor importance, (paraphrased). Well, I admit that I'm not up to this level of depth. Back to the joke book for me. Unless Jelly Bean beat me to it.

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Is this Third Jelly Bean from the Sun a Troll, or something? He's speaking of Hubbard as if the latter were a lofty complex guru with altruistic purposes. Hubbard said of the Hebrews, that they were primatives and of minor importance, (paraphrased). Well, I admit that I'm not up to this level of depth. Back to the joke book for me. Unless Jelly Bean beat me to it.

You are Mistaken about Ron L Hubbard

Judiasm and Islamism has a problem that scientology does not have, I will help you to understand what this problem is, we will be viewing comments that will appear to seem "racists", but with further examination, they reveal the difference between scientology and Judisam/Islamism.

"Covert Operations"

So I believe there are three or fours sides to this coin. I believe it has to do with cultural degradation of the country. I don't believe they intend these countries to have their balance of payments come out right. Now it's of peculiar interest to an Arab country that there is a company and a certain set of bankers who also finance the World Federation of Mental Health. And we're running these leads down now. But one of them is Loeb Kuhn, the big Jewish investment firm. What the hell is this all about? You're here in this covert operation, we all of a sudden look up and we see that although the KGB and so forth seems to be associated with the World Federation of Mental Health, their other organization in action seems to go back to Jewish Bankers. We make no sense out of this but it's just as far as we have gone, do you follow? So they have fish to fry of some kind or another. -page 17 (http://www.xenu.net/archive/go/aidescon/ac02fram.htm)
Judiasm and Islamism are being seen as figures of "authority" in Ron L Hubbard's description of them in relation to scientology. Scientoloy is not seen as a figure of "authority". This is true that the general public does not view "scientology" as authorative in any degree, which often times judaism and islamism are viewed by some measure of "authority" by the general public.

This is a problem, so let me tell you why this is a problem. Because you cannot hold the bible or the quran against my law, or any other law against my law, seeing that the law of NEWLIFE is a superior law and the conclusion to those laws. Naturally, to some degree i have benefited from you because in your error, you have made a less perfect judgement more obvious, but the truth is, religion will evolve from being seen as authortative, and I'm letting you know this fact, before you are humiliated by your position.

Ron L Hubbard was not an antisemite, Judaism and islamism are polar opposites to scientology for the above reason. This philosophical difference, was exactly that, until NOW when it is time to remove religion as authortative, that is my LAW OF NEWLIFE.

A philosophical difference, does not invalidate a theology, it only makes it necessary to give it a different perspective to demonstrate what it is teaching against a more correct philosophical approach, provided, the old terms of the intrepretation have been invalidated.

Scientology can be viewed as the successor to judaism
, however, it is better to define scientology, as the study of truth, not in religious confinements, as this is an inaccurate description.

I have touched on elements of the new universe, that will come after in this conversation, and when I do this, it becomes apparent the differences between religion and scientology, I am however not redefining my law of NEWLIFE against the "new universe", my LAW OF NEWLIFE, is for the transition between universes.

This conversation is entirely for your benefit if you are judaic or islamic or in a religion of any kind, this is the time of the end, keep this in mind.

(calling Ron L Hubbard a racist is an impossibility, as much of an impossibility as calling me a racist, i'll leave this subject at that for your reproof)

If Jesus existed, and if he called out "Lama", it would most likely have been because Lama is Hebrew for 'Why', rather than because the drug addled Crowley thought he'd contacted an ET called Lam.

Atah mevin?


You can pose a question as an answer. And because it was not time to give the answer, the question jesus christ had given was the only acceptable answer, that is until now, when you have recieved the answer as to the "why" from me, the son.
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