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Question: Am I a Minister?


Rabble Rouser
It remains a fact that some of us do perform legal marriages ( remember I have a lifetime plastic card in my wallet ! ) in California. yes, I even went the extra step & registered as an officiant ( now required to do the confidential marriage ) with the county.

Before gay marriage was legal I did the " commitment ceremony " ( all the trapping of regular wedding just no paperwork is filed ) when requested. Now it's just a marriage - and I do 'em ( My theory is I get to love the person of my choice so everybody else should get to love the person of their choice ).

I'm even a Notary Public so I can notarize the signatures of the marriage certificate ( an immensely big legal deal, but, this isn't a teaching class )

Being a minister & performing all marriages does royally chap the ass of the Co$ & that is a nice little bonus !

In & of the Co$ there is very little that is real ( in a good way ), but, why not take what is there & use it to blow a raspberry at 'em & laugh at it all ?

I remain a minster & I covered my butt legally so those bastards or anyone else can't file a lawsuit against me that will have merit in court.

Is someone suggesting by fucking with the Co$ about the minister thing that I'm the one being fooled ? Well, those who believe that are welcome to it.

So, at a wedding in Southern California, where the bridge & groom are the same sex & guests are openly toking joints during the ceremony -what fun it is in telling all that I'm a Scientology Minister ?

Is there some way in my spreading my goodwork over a wide audience & mentioning the Co$ is somehow a wrong thing to do ?