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Question for ex-Scientologists who raised their kids in Scientology


My wife and I joined the Sea Org years ago when our children were three and four. We felt that we were dedicating our lives to the future expansion of Scientology and did not feel the need for a lot of money. $50 a week plus room and board is what we agreed to and we thought having our children raised among Scientologists in the Cadet Org would be ideal. We were both trained auditors and had been on staff in a class V org.

At first, it did seem ideal. We had a decent apartment, did our OT levels, became NOTS auditors, and got $50 a week plus a few perks. After a few years however things started to change. Beans and rice began to be served on a more and more regular basis. Sometimes we would not get paid anything at all even though the Org made half a million dollars in a week. days off were limited from one day every week to one day every other week IF your stats were up and IF the Org would let you go.

As time went on days off became much harder to obtain. Vacations which Sea Org are entitled to three weeks paid vacation per year became impossible. Screaming by seniors, ethics missions fired into the org, yelling and threats of ethics punishment became commonplace and more weeks of no pay with only beans and rice to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These things crept up on us seemingly slowly but after about five or six years of it my wife and I decided to not let our kids join the Sea Org. I got my daughter out of LA and sent to a private school. My son did join the Sea Org and I thought it was something he wanted. As it turned out he did not want it and tried to get out of it but you are not allowed to talk to anyone about leaving with threat of SP declare.

The last few years of my life in the Sea Org were hell on Earth and I was looking for some way to get out of it when my then wife asked me for a divorce. That was my way out. I started the routing form immediately and nearly a year later routed out with my daughter. I did not find out that my son didn't want to be in the Sea Org until he was eighteen and he routed out with the help of his mother. He actually thought I would be upset with him for wanting to leave the Sea Org which was actually the opposite of how I felt. Remember, dead L Ron created a policy that you are not allowed to discuss leaving with anyone, even your parents or spouse, or you will be declared an SP.

I have since reconciled with my son and become a very anti Scientology Personality and would warn anyone against joining Scientology, staff, Sea Org, or even taking courses in the cult. This is why I post on ESMB and have used my knowledge to try and prevent others from making the mistake that I made with my wife so many years ago.

you Dean Blair, are one real fine feller, as Face would say. :yes:

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Hi Free to shine, It certainly is hard on the kids, whether they stay or go. We have a family situation at the moment which my daughter is having a hard time coping with. You and I had some email exchange several years ago because I knew you from your time in the GO. Would love to catch up again.

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G'day ... I don't think you can Private Message until you have posted a few times, sorry I can't remember how many. Just make a few posts (doesn't have to be this thread) and then we can connect. :)