Rathbun and Rinder in DC?


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Mr. Rathbun: This is clearly the work of DM and GROSS OUT-TECH!
Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


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Just thinking out loud here - would it be beyond the land of tin foil to be wary about the source of the squirrel sites? Sure, OSA would benefit from the slander and misinformation, but so too would M&M, in a round-about sort of way: it would reinforce the idea that they are soooo important as to merit their own hate sites and would be a good source of half-truths to confuse both Scientology and critics as to what they were really up to.

Hmmmm . . . who said something about bending the brain into pretzel shapes?
It's an OSA site, Blip.

What's mind blowing about these OSA sites is they have no idea how bat shit crazy they make the cult look. Even when the 'dead agent' a critic or former member, any sane individual will wonder ... what kind of a church attracts this stuff? And speaking of attracting this stuff, accord to Hubbard's convoluted logic, they are pulling in whatever it is they are complaining about. At the end of the day it's all related to Scientology and to anyone outside the cult, it makes the cult look crazy.


I would think it's more than highly likely. They did get the cooperation of the IRS to obtain non-profit tax free status.

The government can do these things to track criminals. The church is tight with the government as is evidenced by no investigation of the church and the summary judgement on the Headley case.
It's clear to me that the US government does not object to Scientology.
It might be a good idea for someone reading this thread who knows a friendly travel agent to talk to them for five minutes about this. In other words, can the travel agent access the entire database (I say database_ as I assume they are all linked)? Simply enter the target's name and date of birth or whatever and get every single reservation historically made as well as live reservations? I am guessing that a travel agency has to pay a monthly or yearly fee to access the system, but since all travel agencies can access this and new ones must be able to get in on the action too, it can't be that hard if you can afford it and I guess all you need is the paperwork showing you are a registered travel agency.