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RathbunMania. Is it just me or has the guy totally lost it?


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When I searched for all his posts just, I only got two: the first on each of these threads. He never bothered to engage anyone in discussion or answer a single question. He just said he was interested in "folks who are interested in moving out of the morass."

Whoa! That has got to be one hellluva bad survey that Rathbun did to think that the go-button-blow-button for ESMB regulars was to be "moving out of the morass."

Typically, he views the mirror-reflection of life thru Scientology's prism/prison glasses and comes up with a reverse image.

Kinda like Moses announcing to desert dwellers that he has come to lead them out to the promised land. But nobody is even paying any attention because Moses Rathbun is pitching "LEAVE YOUR SINFUL WAYS AND DESERT THIS DESERT HELLHOLE" to people partying like mad in Las Vegas. Ooops!

Now if he had better SurveyTech he might have gotten some takers if he had instead promoted for "folks who are interested in getting more ass." :D
Revealing thread.

Is this a good time to make note of Mahty's unwillingness to venture out into the deep waters of other people's fora, and tendency to stay within his own domain, where he has the proverbial "finger on the button" to suppress any "entheta" that would threaten to "upset" his little flock of suckers? I find that significant. He's all about control.

Well, it's obvious that he's still thinking like a Scientologist, moreover, that he thinks that's a good thing. Oy Vey. :no: