Reaching out to those in 'good standing'


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I think the time has come,

to send out some communication to those in good standing.

and offer them a Bridge outside the Church of Scientology should they want it (more than likely).

So far, several people have been fine to communicate with me. I can't be that suppressive can I?

If all my associates in the Freezone were found to be splintering by the Church, the SP Declares would contain such a strong tech team, that I don't think the Church would issue them. It would be a lot of SP's as well. My goodness, how many OP's!


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I think it would be very interesting if say, 100 or 200 people that have been declared, got together on a buddy system and all went into an Org at the same time to do their A to E.

You know, the Org would be overrun with "SP's"

I've never been declared, but if I was and it was a button I think I would do a contact assist about it, go do AtoE, get declared again, go do AtoE, get declared again etc etc until it wasn't a button for me anymore.

I agree there is a such a thing as a textbook anti social, but the people I knew that got declared were not, and I chose not to disconnect from them no matter what orange papers were whirling about.

I found out when I went into the Sea Org that all the SP PTS courses training had been removed from the EPF training line up! Years before!
So none of the Sea Org members had even done the course!

Funny they are issuing declares on people!

It's all point of view anyway, you have a guy in an alley getting mugged. The police come and save him, catch the purp. The policeman saved the vic so he is a hero. He enslaved the purp and so is therefore suppressive to the other.

We have all been suppressive to someone at sometime.

But ANTI SOCIAL is particular to certain characters, and in all of decades of living I have only come across three.

The studies on ANTI SOCIAL people and characteristics are a gift to Scientology from the phsyciatric community.

I was curious if there are any old timers on this board who were involved with the research / editing / putting together the ethics book?

I recently met one of the missionaires who was on that project, she was a red headed woman named Marlene.

It would be interested to hear from some other people about the manufacture of the ethics book.
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I've never been declared, but if I was and it was a button I think I would do a contact assist about it, go do AtoE, get declared again, go do AtoE, get declared again etc etc until it wasn't a button for me anymore.


I always found the "if you're anti-Scn, you're an SP" argument dubious. There are so many reasons one could be anti-Scn, and only a few are because you are a real SP.

You can't "declare" everyone that doesn't like you. Some just don't get you, or don't agree with you, or some have been wronged by you.

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I think the catch here is lumping "Anti Social" and "Suppressive" together.

We have all been suppressive to someone at sometime, the Sea Org right now is wholly suppressive, people can no longer walk from the doors without two guards to escort them!

Well, I could make a long list of how the Sea Org is VERY SUPPRESSIVE, but I think everyone here is well educated.

Suppressive does not nec. equal anti social.

Anti socials, if you read the characteristics, would not be found too often in a scientology group.

In "wog" terms they use TOXIC, TOXIC PEOPLE.

I think that is more appropriate and covers a lot of shades of grey where people lurk.

Yes, some people make you sick, introverted, self doubt, self invalidate and self question and self punish. Those Are TOXIC.

Even in the dictionary the word suppressive does not equate anti social in anyway.

Children are suppressed when they are told not to run out into the street for cryin out loud! Yes, they are held back.

Every law passed through our congress is there to suppress someone or something.

My laundry is suppressed under the iron.

I suppress the volume on the television!

The ethics books is an overt product, except for the ethics conditions, which are a PRO not ANTI subject.

Yes, this is my opinion, as is every persons post on this list someone's opinion.

Yet, there are people who druel over the chance to "apply" this justice from the ethics book and think with it as a license to punish fellow man. Just like the cops driving around on the freeways.

And there are plenty of punative people in this world that are ANTI ANTI ANTI ANTI whatever looks like an easy target.

I truly welcome anyone as an old timer to come forward about the manufacture of this book
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Terril park

Well Ms Illusioness,
I too have only come across 3 SPs. Though a fourth is looming.

Its about the only tech point I disagree with. They are not so commen.

They need help.

Then we have the very intelligent SP, as described by LRH. Thats DM
for you. I know who his nanny was and a twin, and other data. He's very smart.

And thus dangerous.