Recent deaths from the inside

I was only in a few years and it was just a tiny, tiny group of people at the Class 5 Morgue - I experienced the following deaths:

1 OT Ate - died of cancer (not very friendly - seemed disconnected from life and others)
1 staffer who worked 6 days a week from 9am - 10 pm - died of cancer 40 years old left behind a wife and 2 children (not very high up the bridge even though he worked like a slave - he was my favorite staff member - the only caring person I ever met)
1 staffer - 30's - committed suicide (lifer raised in the cult)
3 older people - died of unknown causes1 public person
1 man in his 50's - died of unknown causes. (on Solo I). His wife told me after his death that she did not have a very good marriage - was already dating a "psych case" 1 year after his death - was trying to get the pysch case off of drugs. Told me the sex was incredible. PUKE - I was grossed out!!
This person had been in for about 30 years and was "clear" - It helped poke a hole in my Truman Show bubble....I left soon after that!

It really freaked me out - I found out the details of the one that committed suicide and it is very sickening - the church kicked him out! He had lost hope. The morgue told people he had looked at the internet - this was a LIE - he had been shunned!! It killed him! I believe the truth will come out about the details of what really happened. Some of the other people that knew him and what happened are talking now. Someday - his story will be revealed!!

if you would, IM, are you willing to tell me which town this org was located?

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Waaaiiiit a moment!!!!! That is Scientology think - he is connected to a suppressive source and so he pulls in the motivator of being dragged down the freeway???? I don't think so. I think he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or! He wanted out, and he sure engineered it. (on some level) But that sounds airy fairy. Perhaps it falls under the "you are entirely responsible for your own condition" clause. Who knows?

I was once in a car wreck and was laid up for a week or two. I was in a dead end job, and I took advantage of the time I was recuperating to get a better job. Was I PTS - no. I was driving too fast for the conditions. Was I motivating because of some overt? Maybe, but I doubt it. I did a good job at work despite not wanting to be there. None of those people I worked for were evil. It was just an accident and no amount of 10 Augs or pts handling or S&D's would ever find that why.

I am sorrry he got hit and dragged down the freeway by a real nasty piece of work who left him for dead. But I can't believe it was a motivator for being on staff in the SO.


Mimsey - I was being cynical! There are some truths in Scientology sprinkled in with a whole lot of lies ~ I do think people have "problems they don't want" by being connected to that evil group! I know I had them and no longer do now that I am out~! I never have gotten sick or a cold since being out - when I got in....I was SICK all the time ~ colds, flu, rashes, feeling like someone was choking me (that is a symptom of being in a cult - the choking thing)! I felt completely trapped and there was never any relief that would last. Now I am freeeeeeeeeeeee!! No more illness! Go figure~!


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I (Roberto Sigmond) & Joe Lewis moved Bob Meinsma to a Townhouse I think back 13 years ago. They both pulled up to my house in a U Haul. Talked with Bob for a few months, I think last year I found out he was dead never did find out from What.

Don Tolan I worked with back in the Bay Area in Hayward to be specific. My wife said she said he had passed a little while ago.

I heard, but not confirmed, that Bob had a brain tumor.
He and Janet got divorced a while back and he moved to Arizona. I'm not sure if he moved back. He and Janet had a daughter, Sasha, now Sasha Dorman.
Janet left staff and had a clothing store called First Chop in SF.

Steve Schafer =!/profile.php?id=754408668

No idea about Waldo.

I figure you knew some of the Fdn old timers - Houy, Tolan, Stratton, Refvem, McCracken,etc.


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Not a death from the inside but curious.

I came across a strange thing in the Underground Bunker. A fund-raising group somewhere (in California?) had a Japanese warrior theme for their party which was In Memoriam Alex IJAMS. A photograph shows him as a warrior of some kind with a black belt. Alexander James Ijams still has a Facebook page, mostly at a gym and a shooting range. 19-20 perhaps but young-looking. His plaque was received for him by Sam Stokes. Nothing to show how he died, or even if he did. No relatives, sorrowing or otherwise. Very odd.
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I knew Bob really well. He disconnected from me when I left Scien and I never heard from him again. He was a dear friend and I thought about him often through the years. Not sure what prompted me to google him this summer, but I did and learned that he had died. Does anyone know how he died? He was a lot of fun. If there's any truth to the after life theory I sure hope we meet again and have more laughs.

Bob meinsma died of brain cancer on his 61st bday