Recieved a Manor Hotel Sea Org survey.


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22. Have you ever been part of a squirrel group?
No, my cheeks aren't big enough to hold acorns, they won't let me join their group :bigcry: :dieslaughing:

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Thanks, donotwashbrains. :)

Just thought of another answer for one of the questions:

13. Do you have any children?.........If so, how old are they?

Hungry for new blood, huh? :eyeroll: :grouch:


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1. What concerns you most about the future of this planet?
Man's inhumanity to his fellow Man (or Woman)

2. What actions could you take or role could you play to help most effectively?
I have considered this, and already applied it in my life

3. Have you ever concidered joining the Sea Organization?
No. And not a chance in hell

4. Have you ever taken LSD......Angle dust.....or PCP?

5. Have you reverted to drugs since being in Scientology?
mote question

6. Have you ever attempted or threatened suicide?
No, but this would be none of anyone's buisness

7. Do you have any chronic illnesses?
yeah-AIDS from Scientology. Real answer? Nunya

8. Have you ever been in a psychiatric institution?

9. Have you ever taken psychiatric drugs?

Jaysus, these are intrusive questions

10. Have you ever had a psychiatric brain operation?

kidding...right? If I did I would not be able to answer these questions

11. Have you ever had? insulin.....electric....or any other kind of shock treatment?

12. Are you? single....married......or divorced?

why? are you looking for a date? :coolwink:

13. Do you have any children?.........If so, how old are they?


14. Do you have any debt's?...........If so, how much?....How would you handle them?

15. Would your parents or immediate family members disagree with you joining the Sea Org?

16. Are you an active drug pusher?........Or have you ever sold drugs?

O.K.-these questions have gone from intrusive to asinine in a matter of seconds

17. Do you have any kind of criminal history?


18. Are you wanted by the police?


19. Have you ever needed or been given high security clearance for government or military?

oh, Christ! Nunya

20. Have you ever threatened to sue Scientology churches or Scientologist?

not yet

21. Have you ever blown a Scientology or Sea Org org?

see above answer

22. Have you ever been part of a squirrel group?


23. Are you here to obtain news stories?

paranoid much...?

24. Are you related to or connected to any government or intelligence agency either by past history or family connections?



Nosey Bastards, aren't they?