Recognizing and recovering from narcissists , sociopaths , and psychopaths


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This thread is to inform people that there are lots of sites and resources that show abusive relationships and undue influence from the one on one perspective and I have been finding them to be exactly explaining the effects of Scientology and the motivations and methods of Ron Hubbard . Now I will admit most abusers never become expert hypnotists and spend decades stealing ideas from Hitler , Confucius , Lao Tzu , and many others and research cults and aspects of influence including classic rhetoric and sublime writing to forge a mind control cult with hundreds of methods . But many details and methods Hubbard used have their origins in abusive relationships : Gaslighting , using confusion and pathological lying , subtly degrading others , love bombing , pretending accomplishments , hiding crimes and failures , lack of compassion and conscience , stirring loyalty to oneself for power and trust , empty promises and counterfeit dreams , subtly persuading others over time bit by bit to help harm and degrade others , twisting words to confuse then gain compliance , having to top tales with bigger better more unbelievable ones , being unfaithful habitually as you see partners only to be used to boost your own ego , being willing to crush hopes and minds to get dominance and assert superiority , never being satisfied with others as he was motivated by insatiable emptiness and so always projected frustrations onto others , calling into doubt the mental health and sanity of any critics or rivals , and all these can often be found over and over in accounts of being in just one relationship with a narcissistic abuser !!!

The pattern is all too clear-after learning through hundreds of hours how to reinterpret the ten thousand hours I used "study tech " and then spent hundreds of hours in exit counseling and research-Hubbard had the exact character of a narcissistic abuser aka a sociopath aka a psychopath !

It answers many questions on why he never stopped lying and had to tell more and more absurd fabrications ! He was driven to ! His kind follow a pattern that he followed from possibly his teen years or earlier until his death . He has thousands of pieces of evidence that if you asked an expert , without revealing his name , if a behavior fit the model they would certainly agree over and over !

There are many challenges in understanding Scientology . They start with understanding the mad man who made it . His knowledge on how to build a mind control cult and fraud was extraordinary but he was not . He fits a pattern and that can be combined with knowledge on his methods to complete the puzzle he never wanted us to finish and see him laid bare and his con as well . Then we can explain it to the rest of the world as they never were in and so need it totally broken down . We who were in or close to people in can use emotions and intuition but others will need precise clear truth to navigate through Hubbard's lies and psychopathic narcissistic personality . How utterly inhuman and evil he was is the part that is most beyond belief .

First is a Facebook page called the Empathy Trap Book that has theories and details on sociopaths and social dynamics . WAIT most of what it has are short quotes to help understand the common experiences we all share and they are often quite good . They can be about indifference and complacency by others and society or behavior or many other themes we run into in trying to figure out why evil people are evil , good are good and often many are apathetic or insensitive to victims . Those people are called apaths and they are tricked bit by bit into allowing and then cooperating with evil . The Hubbard's and Hitler's in theory could not have done their actions on large scales without the apaths in this model of society . It is a theory but I think many here will find the theory and site helpful.

Next is a site that is a site but also has an excellent Facebook page : After Narcissistic Abuse Their is Light , Life and Love . I cannot recommend this highly enough to anyone who has been in Scientology or in a relationship with a Scientologist . This is going to be painful and upsetting for some but Hubbard in attempting to make Scientologists into mental pseudo clones of himself to some degree implanted or heightened already existing narcissistic and sociopathic behaviors in his slaves . Because it was done over a group elements of the dynamics of social psychology normalized these behaviors and attitudes so the victims felt encouraged and rewarded for being narcissistic and discouraged and penalized for being empathic and compassionate . Scientology was covertly a factory for making people of all kinds into narcissists , aka sociopaths aka psychopaths . Here is this excellent site : and their great Facebook page :

Many victims of Scientology do not understand their difficulties in non abusive relationships when leaving the cult as the cult structure created and demanded abusive and exploitative relationships as routine in its group dynamics . Plainly we were taught to assume positions of abuser and victim so thoroughly it can affect all our relationships and warp them . So , we can have tremendous difficulties with issues like human body language in a non dominating form and boundaries and love bombing strangers and a million other manifestations of extreme cult indoctrination .We can love bomb then when someone is won over neglect , abandon or abuse them as we lived in this pattern as normal for decades . That is the pattern in staff and the Sea Org . That is why if you give a big donation or finish a project or course you get a moment's recognition then have to top it for more attention or praise -these are not healthy sane loving relationships . In Scientology the indoctrination is routinely strong enough to heavily suppress the pre-cult identity and have a pseudo identity dominant most of the time .I have seen many presentations by cult experts across the world and seen discussions and videos by the hypnotism community and they always have similar ideas come out even when Scientology is not a topic for discussion . In hypothetical examples when discussing many cults or high control groups if asking about the most extreme control or the most effective mind control for examples or what is done to correspond to a theory Scientology is always no matter who does the presentation the group chosen . One for one whether ICSA or Freedom of Mind or another group or conference . Whether it is Totalistic Identity Theory or Traumatic Narcissist Theory or how to set up a support group Scientology is number one with an R2-45 bullet . Hypnotists who seriously study the theory and practice of hypnotism pick different parts like the barriers to study and laugh as they see how it and study tech are and could never be anything other than self hypnotism called another name . They simply list the alleged signs of the barriers( which they know as signs of hypnotic states ) and say Hubbard covertly got a person when spotting contradiction and becoming confused to further confuse them-self in a loop to induce a strong hypnotic trance covertly . They take his tapes and books and PLs and bulletins and laugh as the pattern is too easy and recognizable to them . They do not see how it can fool anyone but miss the point that we never knew how to covertly hypnotize people or to inject embedded commands with repetition and variation or to confuse with contradiction . We never knew to raise anxiety to focus attention and diminish reason . We did not know our asses from a whole in the ground when it came to how to hypnotize people . We never knew to use sublime writing to lower people's guards and then use lots of similar words to cause confusion in a writing pattern . We never knew to use overly complex sentences and strange turns of phrases to slightly bewilder and that creates a feeling of almost understanding that distracts and makes one think they are not quite as smart as the author building ethos or authority .

I plan to add more to this as I want recovery resources to be the priority they should be as Hubbard's victims and their happiness matter not him and his insanity .
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