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Danielle Chamberlin
Yesterday when I was doing some mundane, everyday housework, I was taken back to cleaning in the Sea Org. Cleaning Stonelands, cleaning dorms, cleaning the Apollo, cleaning the FLB, cleaning mini-buses, cleaning driveways, cleaning Brook House, cleaning galleys, cleaning decks, cleaning engine rooms, cleaning LRH motorbikes, cleaning course rooms, cleaning toilets, cleaning saunas, cleaning The Castle, cleaning LRH's office, cleaning galleys, dining rooms, etc., etc.

and I realised that every time I do my own housework, there is always resonance to cleaning for the Sea Org. The images keep coming to mind. All I can hope is that I am bloody good at cleaning... sheesh I have had enough experience !!!

Claire Swazey

Spokeshole, fence sitter
Just tell yourself "this is my home. I'm making it the way I want it to be. I'm cleaning the way I want, when I want and how I want."


Patron with Honors
If we former staff and sea org know how to do anything at all, we damn well know how to clean, don't we?

I remember letting my mind wander into stories while doing the mundane cleaning stations on the RPF....I was a midieval novitiate, a zen monk, a swabbie on the Penzance, and sometimes a state employee making the going union rate for janitors.

So much for the idea that MEST work forces you into PT (one of the rationales for the RPF, as I recall.)


Silver Meritorious Patron
Well we just turned all that cleaning experience into a damned fine commercial cleaning business, we won and the SO lost.

1 us: 0 Them.