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Remember KSW??


Formerly Fooled - Finally Free
see, i don't get why helluvahoax isn't writing plays/screenplays/skits for a very special saturday night live episode. who wants to play DM?

ex-scios need a comedy cable channel.

years ago i had a funny dream about a thursday before 2:00 episode, and upon awakening, i realized, damn, can't do it or i'd get declared or written up for joking and degrading.

scientology has lost its humor (if it ever had any at all), but it's wonderful you guys haven't!

i've only been out six months, so getting humor back is a godsend.


lol, And glad you are getting the humor back!!


Formerly Fooled - Finally Free
Thanks for this great post. Smilla.

Well, thank you!

Yes, AnonMary's post is a damn good one. I like it, too.

And thank you too, Claire. Glad you liked it too!

At one time, I was so gung-ho about KSW that I joined the SO with the promise of being posted as KOT*! Why? Well, there wasn't one on my continent and I thought that was the sole reason why KSW was never getting in!

Even LRH encouraged me in this endeavor! Of course, those S,O #1 line letters from him were not really from him but I didn't know that at the time, so I was psyched about the challange ahead of me! I even ignored my debts for the greater good of the greater # of dynamics to try and make this happen! Who needs to pay 'wogs' back when there is a planet to clear??!!

Oh those were the days (NOT)..... fighting the evil out tech and admin by writing volumes of KRs and crams that went no where! .

So glad I got out and was able to see that there is no such thing as being able to KSW :)

*KEEPER OF TECH, 1. the full title of this post is Keeper of Tech
and Policy Knowledge.