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I originally posted the following private message without the permission of the author and it was removed, and rightly so, from my thread by the moderator. After getting the author's permission, I added the message back to my thread but it was buried on page 2. I am re-posting it, with the author's encouragement, so that it will be the first post in the thread and thereby get the exposure it deserves.

Subject: [XSO] Message to OSA
Date: Friday, September 11, 2009, 2:17 PM

I have attached a copy of the California civil rights handbook so you know the civil rights of anyone living in
California - which are currently being violated.

LRH stresses in many policies and Flag Orders, not violating the laws of the land. Another good reference
is The Way to Happiness. It is NOT an overt to do the right thing. You as a person will feel better by doing
the right thing to help stamp out the abuse.

OSA, it is your job to protect Scientology, it is not your job to protect anyone who is acting unlawfully.
The abuse going on at the base is not covered in the policies written by LRH that can be found in the HCO PL volumes.
Whoever reads this from OSA, I challenge you to call a meeting of OSA executives and work out how OSA and
any of your family connections in executive positions of Scn management can save your seniors at Int from this abuse,
this includes Heber (per the Scn website is still the President of CSI), who I have been informed has also been abused physically.
You have the legal means to do it now you just need the guts. Evil only has the power that you and other staff/execs give it.
If you all stood up together and refused to accept the penalties, then evil will have no power. Corporate structure of the various
Scn orgs and corporations are being violated and this will bring down the church as a whole - which means OSA, including you,
have not done their job in protecting Scn as a whole.

Reporting this email to DM, will not get rid of the abuse - in fact, it might make it worse as he will take his anger
out on others. Unusual solutions don't work. Go back to basics.

To read or not to read this booklet is your own choice and what you do about it, for your own sake
and the sake of friends or ex friends and family, it is on your own conscience. To not do something to stop the
abuse, and should outside intervention occur from California officals, then it will be on your conscience, as
you, could have taken action to stop the outside intervention from law enforcement.

When I was at the Int/Gold base, the kind of abuse that is going on, was unthinkable. Since the
abuse is coming from the top and those on the inside, have not been able to stand up to it, they
need outside intervention to get the abused knocked off. This is where you, OSA, must stand up
and do something.

OSA, I challenge you to Keep Scientology Working and do the right thing from the inside - the worst thing
that can happen to you, is you might get declared like others that tried to mutiny, but you know what - its
not as evil as your think out here in wogdom and if you need a place to rest your head, I will help you, as would
many other "SP".



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I sure hope it does wake some up from their slumber and they decide SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT.


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If only OSA had a few good men...or even one who had not yet gone into denial on his conscience...


Thank you Whatwall that is just about the best way I have seen this subject Put, well done