Request: Un ban Alanzo

Claire Swazey

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As I mentioned a few months ago, I used to have this odd on again off again relationship with Alanzo, and things got really bad between us. Even lost a friend over it- other than Al, I mean.

So for quite a while, it was no longer on and off- it was just off. But one day pursuant to posts here (a couple years ago) and on another venue around the same time, I suddenly got him. Not to sound like little Miss Freud but yeah, I saw him as the eternal mischief maker (and I am NOT saying that as any kind of poke against him at all) and suddenly all the stuff I'd been thinking for a long time just disappeared. We made our peace. Then, a couple times later, he'd get maybe a bit not too thrilled and ask me to please put him back on ignore, and I'd just smile to myself and think "I can never be mad at you again". And that was true.

He'd like have to come to the house and kill my husband or cat or something like that, in order for my heart to change.

So where am I going with this? He's kind of the eternal trickster. I do not see this as some malevolent force. I mean, as a benign but rather challenging to deal with force of nature.

He is a force of nature. He is benign, as I said, but that does not mean that it's gonna be a cakewalk all the time, with this guy. But he's a good guy, he did me a solid (more than one, but this was pretty recent) and I accept him for what he is, whether or not I agree with every given thing that he does.

That being said, I am not telling anyone whether or not he should be banned or unbanned. That is not and never has been my call.

Whether or not he comes back- let's continue to think our friendly thoughts of him, those of us who are fond of him. Being an irritating New Agey type, I think that sort of thing does matter.

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Ok. I normally would refrain from blathering my opinions and thoughts about certain ESMB members but I can't hold back any longer. I didn't care for Alanzo 1.0 or the later 2.0 version. I had him on ignore in both eras despite giving him the benefit of the doubt more than once. I'll concur that maybe a post of his here and there in the early stages had some value but it was his narcissism and obsessive need for attention that became too much to bear.

I was glad when he and Zinjifar left the scene.

There. I said it!


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I really liked his posts too (Alanzo 1.0, not Alanzo 2.0)

The 2.0 version (in his failed comeback) wasn't able to make a coherent point. He was all over the map, complaining, campaigning & crusading. A hot mess.

If he were to be unbanned (unlikely as it is) he could be given a trial period--kind of like training wheels and see how it goes. But he'd have to be relegated to the Grudge Match section until he stops complaining about all the bad things being done by people on ESMB and, more specifically, done to him. I had absolutely no idea what his point was. He seemed to be beating around the bush, trying to gather a pep rally, but he never said what the pep rally was about. Woo!

If he earns a spot on the Grudge Match section, the thread could be entitled:

Complaints, Campaigns,
Crusades & Crucial Crap That
I Don't Want To Get Too Specific About.

Didn't he get 2 trial comebacks? He seemed obsessed with something and just couldn't let it go and move on. I can't believe people keep starting threads like this. There are many relationships in life that work for a while and then end. I'd like to be unbanned by a couple of ex-girlfriends but it doesn't seem to work like that.


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I think I was a newbie here when Alanzo made his comeback so I didn't know who he was. All of a sudden I was seeing discussions involving Alanzo all over the board. I even made a comment about being tired of seeing his name everywhere.

I also couldn't understand all the drama queen behaviour, all of the "poor me" threads and the constant criticism of Emma and ESMB.

If I recall correctly, in his last few posts he said he'd been crying all night because of the cruelty of ESMB members and he told us all to fuck off. Then he left.

Phew. Good riddance I say.


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Oh look, there's a crusade to unban Alanzo. :melodramatic:



I vote NO. And of course, since I covertly control Emma and this board, my word is law.


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Who's Alzono? :confused2:

Seriously, I don't know why he was banned either time mostly because I have PLD (Post Limit Deficiency) where if it goes into double digit pages I become :sleepy:

I assumed he slightly pissed off a few people but getting banned twice after getting declared isn't that kinda of Hall of Fame material? How many have achieved this status?


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Isn't this like voting to traumatise Emma?

I simply put him on ignore when he rapidly got obnoxious again, but she can't.


You have a good point.

Although I like Alanzo and would like him back I can see this with others I dislike, I can ignore them and ignore their treads, but the admin can't.

Giving an hard time to moderators is a bad thing for sure and Alanzo should keep this in mind if he will be back, under the penalty that he will have to moderate the board alone for a month for his every transgression! How is that? LOL
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I ran into a girl I dated a while back, while grabbing a cup of coffee last summer. Often times over the years I thought about her and some of the special moments we shared together, and it was really good to run into her, but after spending ten minutes with her I suddenly remembered exactly why we are no longer together. One thing Hubbard's mind fuck has taught me is sometimes it's better to just leave the past alone, and that meeting pretty much confirmed it, just as Alzono's comeback did. In both cases I would have prefered to still have my previous memories of them as opposed to the ones I have now.