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I don't care how much it is, I want one. Marc and Claire Headley have earned my support and admiration for all they have done so far in filing lawsuits and telling the truth about the cult at great risk to themselves.

Also, Blownforgood is a damn good writer!



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saw the number briefly (corner of my eye before I went off the site...think I've got 1535 or 6ish

BFG posted on WWP that the first 500 were going to be autographed and the counter started at 1200.


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What I want to know is, is this book gonna be out in time for Marc to sign copies at the big LA bash at his house???!

:welcome: achi!
First off, I will sign copies when books comes out. Bash will not be at my house but at a Lake about 20 min from my place.

Will be a Jet Skiing Party!

Until next time...

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I hope BFG doesn't mind me copying this here from WWP. :)

As far as the site goes, we are going to be getting up a bunch of stories that people have sent us soon.

Meanwhile, the more people (Ex-Scilons) that come out, the better.

The next few weeks will be very exciting! Some of the things that are going to happen are so epic that I am not exactly sure when they will happen. I have already ordered some new F5 buttons in anticipation.

I know Larry has been posting predictions on this board and I can say that his predictions ARE going to come true. Prediction: New Litigation Imminent

The new BFG book is getting very close to wrapping up. There is so much stuff in this book that little Davey will not be able to spin in any way. Pretty much all of it is fully documented and people that were there will start coming out of the woodwork from all of the world to get in on the action. Even the proofreaders of the book are now on the forums all the time!

We do expect more fair game to occur. In fact, we are planning on it. It looks like there might be enough fair game stuff for BFG volume II to be written! I just got of the phone with someone that was being fair gamed THIS MORNING! Police reports were filed and looks like we might have one less PI working for the Scilons now.

I also know from an inside source that the Scilons are getting real pissy that they cannot make a move anywhere on anything without anonymous knowing about it instantly. No matter what they do, and no matter where it happens, it is up on WWP and raids are being organized before the Scilons have even told their own people about it!

OSA has about 20 people that work on this stuff and not many of them can get on the Internet. They are having to rely on PI's and other outside resources that are not nearly as proficient or resourceful as Anonymous. I would say that for each Scilon or Scilon hired staffer there are 20 Anonymous individuals actively working against them.

Tommy Davis and Jessica Rodriguez have been attempting to contact all Ex-SO members and staff and have them newly sign documents stating that they were "volunteers" and spreading false information about myself and others.

The problem is that they cannot meet with enough people fast enough. The most people that they have been able to meet with in a single day is about 4 people. It will take them 17 years at this rate to get a hold of everybody! And that does include the ones that are blowing from orgs and missions daily.

Also, I have to say that the Little Davey nicknames and shoops are creating a huge impact. I don't know if I have ever told anybody this, but one day at the Int Base, Dave caught some guy on the Internet looking at a picture of him that was shooped and he went ballistic. He spent DAYS fuming over the fact that there were a handful of of pictures of him in compromising positions. The Sea Org guy that just saw one of these pictures was taken off post and assigned to hard labor. I think this is very high up on Dave's list of pet peeves - finding stuff about himself on the internet. That is why there are hundreds of links all over the place to his official sites. They do not want Scilons finding the bad stuff. The full story of this is in the book, but thought you would like to know.

Well, enough for now. Sorry for the wall of text, I just spew sometimes.

My thanks to all of those that have given their support!

Reserve your copy of the BFG book if you have not already! (It costs nothing to reserve a copy)

Until next time...


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I got 1565. Now, how can I get it signed by the author?

Can't wait for this to come out!



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can anybody tell me the different ways of paying for the book once available.?
I didnt see anything on the site.


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Man I did not notice this thread. I must be blind and having overts.

How much to ship that book to Europe ? I tried to put my email address in the place to reserve the book. It doesn't work ??? is there another place to register or to get it ?