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Marc: Please, "spew" away! Your little tidbits are keeping us waiting with baited breath for your book. I'm sure you've just touched the tip of the iceburg with what's to come. I am so anxious to read your book, and watch the cracks in the cult branch out as it implodes into itself. :happydance:
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Looking at the numbers of reserved copies for Marc's new book the stats really suck ! 20 reservations in 25 days.
Are you guys PTS to the Church are what ??

This guys neck is on the line for us and our goals.
I'd say 1000 should be minimum on this, not the less than the 400 now done,
as the number started at 1200 I understand.

If you have any doubts about this guy then go to YouTube and watch his
3-part talk in Germany.

Lets stop fucking around and get the stats up guys.
We are playing for blood on this planet. Wake up !


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Hey Marc,

I'm sort of off topic and criticizing you, but I had to say this somewhere. And I think I e-mailed you on this point and you didn't reply. Maybe not. I forget. Anyways:

I haven't ordered your book yet. You made a post that was not correct about the Delphian School and it's being spread around:

The Delphian Foundation, later renamed Delphian School, was founded in 1974 (maybe 73?). I was at Delphi Oregon in 1977. The GO was disbanded in 1981 (82?). So this is a false statement. Also, I know Greg Ott and Dave Hendry. I'm pretty sure they were there at Delphi since the early seventies. So, if they were also in the GO, well, I don't get how the timelines worked on that.

Could you please clarify/provide documentation for that post? If you do, I'll buy a book. :D

Plus, if you want to be taken seriously, you have to be totally accurate. I've communicated with Scientologists recently and they use this kind of thing to generalize and say all the stories are false. So, just clarify/correct your statement and it'll help me next time I get in an argument.

And dude, sorry I gotta miss your party. My cousin's getting married that same weekend in Idaho. So I'll catch you next time. Oh, I'll provide a picture of the wedding to prove my excuse. :D



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Question for BFG

Hey BFG, Any update on when I will get my three reserved copies :study: (one for me and two for my family :))??? If I am going to read ALL four I am going ot need to get started! :happydance: