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Review: Scientology CCHR Industry of Death Museum, by Khei Plang

Discussion in 'Narconon, Drug Free World, and Other Anti-drug Fro' started by CommunicatorIC, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. CommunicatorIC

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    Review: Scientology CCHR Industry of Death Museum by Khei Plang.

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    Khei Plang
    3 hrs ยท


    The CCHR Psychiatry: An Industry of Death is a fucking propaganda, and all I've seen inside is how illogical it really is. A field trip took me to a museum affiliated with the Church of Scientology, who started off with claims that Psychiatry is a scam due to the inhumane experiments performed during the time nobody really knew what they were doing. It was still the 18th century, after all.

    Okay, listen. You can't scream cruelty at Benjamin Rush, the Father of American Psychiatry, who believed that bloodletting would get rid of the disease in his patient's mind, but leave out the fact that Hippocrates, the Founder of Medicine, opened veins to "bleed" patients back to health first. You can't sing all the praises for Medicine, but hate on Psychiatry to push your political agenda: that mental disorders do not exist simply because there are no lab testings, biopsies, and blood work that can prove it does... Until you insist that you have the cure for the insane, that is.

    But wait, exactly how do we assess mental status? As nurses, we are taught to spend time and engage with our patients while observing their behavior, mood, and affect. One of our tasks is to distinguish whether our patient is insightful and in touch with reality. (Still confounds me why we got assigned to see anti-psychiatrists anyway, especially now that our focus study is on mental disorders.)

    Mental illness is not something you put under a microscope to obtain objective data. It is the patient's own thoughts, emotions, and experiences that are taken into account. Yet today, they had the audacity to tell me how subjective data does not count as evidence. Pain may be subjective, but it is a vital sign. Vital means important. Are we going to assume that a patient is lying when they complain of severe pain because they appear to be physically healthy? Is it then considered to be fake for not being objective? Ridiculous.

    Although, I must agree that big pharmacies are fucking everyone over with expensive medications and healthcare services. I also agree that drugs for mental disorders have adverse effects, but that is not exclusive to Psychiatry alone. That's Medicine as a whole.

    The fact that #Scientology negates mental illnesses and chooses to spew disinformation in an attempt to brainwash us is entirely unforgivable. Stop trying to fool people into believing you are doing them a favor, when you apply the same tactics of imprisonment and torture you condemn the asylums of doing in the past. Stop trying to sway people away from Psychiatry by instilling paranoia, and by shamelessly lying that only your cult has the answers to serious mental issues.

    Mental illness is a real problem that needs real medical attention. Mental health is extremely important, and it matters just as much as your physical health does. Do not hesitate to seek the help that you need from a LICENSED mental health professional, may it be therapy, proper medications, or both.


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  2. guRl

    guRl Patron with Honors

    It reminds me of something that (I think) Aron Smith-Levin said in one of his videos- it's one of many examples that shows that Scientology is one big logical fallacy:
    CoS claims that they offer no help for people who suffer mental health issues, rather, "they work to make the able more able". But a- they keep saying they have the answers to stuff like depression and psychosomatic illnesses, and b- if Psychiatry is not the answer for the mentally ill, and Scientology would not help, what's left?