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What HAD been happening in Scandinavia?

From An early "debrief" from Pierre:

Q1) Any fraud or deception used to get money from members using their credit cards, or loans from lending institutions or their families?

A) Yes, I know plenty. A tactic was prevalent in Sweden, France and Spain to make public take multiple loans withholding the fact that they had several of them already. One particular girl I remember clearly was from Sweden. I sec-checked her extensively. She had paid for her whole bridge at Flag up to OT VII by taking 17 loans from various banks in Stockholm. She had lied on her loan applications at the incitement of the FSC Stockholm. (her name was XXXXXXXX, I forgot her married name). Her mother who is now OT VIII and which I sec-checked as well (XXXXXXXX) also took some false loans but on a much smaller basis than her daughter.

An active FSM from Sweden, XXXXXXXX, who also was my pc, exported this habit of false loans to Spain, as she was very, active there as well. I sec-checked people who took excessive loans under false pretenses at her incitation. Several flaps occurred as a result and a CMO Int mission was sent to handle. She was the first new OT VIII completion to get declared suppressive (she is on the SP list provided by Factnet).

I've redacted the names here, but they are available in the link provided.


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i met richard in 86, announced i was leaving scientology, i was in l.a. just did auditing at flag, lrh just died, flag called and said something was missed come to holiday in on highland and get free auditing from richard reiss, i had nothing to hide so i ent, richard and i had lunch each day and gave me about 12 hours, i felt great but still wanted to leave, he was a great guy, very intelligent and a good auditor, i could see it would be easy for d.m. to corrupt him, im sorry his life went the way it did, he was a bright guy

Clarence Rockaway

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