Rinder & Bennitt in Helicopter Over Super Power Opening!

If anyone has DM's Fax number than now would be a perfect time to fax that photo over to him. :)

If you happen to get his fax number, fax this one over to him too



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Doesn,t the empty car park tell you something, Granitt.

This is better than the man with no head!

un-%$^&*ng believable...



I'm hoping someone took a count over at the Extras Parking lot. :biggrin:

I count a few spaces empty over at the top level of the FH garage. But, maybe those are reserved for the RPF staff. :unsure:

I wonder how long before we hear from the extraS guild, about not being paid, unless they get sec checked?


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I count a few spaces empty over at the top level of the FH garage. But, maybe those are reserved for the RPF staff. :unsure:

I wonder how long before we hear from the extraS guild, about not being paid, unless they get sec checked?

Yeah is it just me or is having to pay people to pretend to be scientologists not as good as finding people who pay you to pretend to be scientologists.
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It was quite exciting.

Pinellas County Sheriffs showed up before they were airborne. The Pilot had over 20,000 flying hours and knew all the rules.

Mike Rinder and Mike Bennitt rushed to the back, got on the plane and took off. They did not entertain Pinellas County Sheriffs queries.

Mike Bennitt told me to look at these still images he took.
You can navigate on this site to custom size the images and they magnify when you double click.

What a stunt !
These are stunning still shots of the Super Power event~~

Truth Revealed2012

When you go to view the photos on Mike B's Flickr account you can right-click onto the individual photos and view various sizes, including the originals size which is very large 7360 x 4912

Here's a screenshot of the pic zoomed in a bit (but not nearly all the way):




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DO IT DO IT DO IIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTT............. Karen, do you have any sooper seekrit fax numbers for the dwarf????

Hehe No-Name

INT Base Fax # FAX: 951-368-9023

If marked "Attention David Miscavige" it will be routed to Office of COB and be seen by one of his Secretaries...


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I'm convinced the "extras" sign should read "Extra Parking" and the error was made by one of the Eastern-European slave laboring staffers. I mean, it's just too... IS that really REAL? :questions: Are they THAT stupid?

It's real.

Fake Clears, OTs and Parishioners in the "world's fastest growing religion" are the only thing real about Scientology.

For anyone not familiar with film production and location shooting, the black-against-yellow signs (with arrows) are the industry standard for movie sets.





….and yes, they are that stupid.


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What today tells me is that being a good Scientologist now hurts a little bit more than the pain one suffers from being a bad Scientologist.

At the end of the day, that's what really matters in the calculation of whether to stay or go: Which one hurts worse?


Pavlov's PCs.


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My husband, who was a big city cop and has considerable crowd control experience says: "That's a couple thousand people, tops!"

So, no. It's 2,000, max. No more.

That is actually consistent with my own calculation.

The Hoax-meter calculated the exact number of attendees as 1,758, give or take a few extras.

Perhaps 1,000 were SO and outer org staff.

That leaves about 800, half of which were probably local Clearwater cultees.

Actual number of Scientologists flying in to Mecca, appx 300-400.

SPs rule! ("on this planet")


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These last few months have been like watching a snowball roll down a hill and get bigger and bigger.

I think the snowball just crashed.

On an unrelated note, can anyone tells me what the expression 'at cause' means?

It's just that I don't have a tech dictionary handy.


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This thread is classic LULZ. Haven't laughed so hard in months. ESMB rocks!. :)

And thank you to the 2,847 remaining clams, I apologise, I feel guilty but I feel just a bit of Schadenfruede. And it feels good. Carry on $cn. you are providing a valuable comedic relief to millions.

SCIdenfruede. Splurge on it!


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Dear Cult,

VWD on making it go right to supply the extra JUMBOTRON SCREEN on Ft Harrison to accommodate the orders of magnitude demand from people on this planet!

Helpful Tip: Next time, be sure to remember to postulate that more extras respond to your casting call.


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Church of Hoaxology


Actually when you look at the hi rez pix those are all staff over there. Maybe they slightly miscalculated attendance.