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RIP Richard "Dick" Coanda


Howard Dickman
Dick Coanda (October 2, 1931 - January 6, 2014) passed away in his sleep yesterday.

Dick was raised in Cudahy, Wisconsin, he worked for a newspaper, attended Marquette University, where helped edit RENASCENCE: A Journal of Letters and The Newman Review. As a student, he had poetry and scholarly articles published in Michigan’s Voices and American Literature, among others. He got his Ph.D. in English Literature at the University of Wisconsin. For the next 15 years he taught English Literature at various colleges (among them USC), then worked for 23 years as a Public Relations specialist and in other capacities for his church. He was retired, with five children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Dick started in Scientology in 1968. He was my HQS course supervisor in 1972 at Carl Barney's SCS San Diego Mission. In 1973, when the mission and the La Jolla Org merged to become the Church of Scientology of San Diego he relocated his family to LA as a Sea Org member. For the next 27 years he held many positions in the Church, notably as SHSBC Supervisor, SHSBC Word Clearer, and D of T. He went through the RPF three times. Dick and I were on the Excalibur's RPF together, in 1974, where he described that experience as fun but where he also lost thirty pounds due to the skimpy meals. He officially left the church in 2000.

He was a great supervisor when he supervised my HQS course. I will always remember him fondly for his high standards. RIP Dick.


Howard Dickman


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I never knew Dick Coanda but recently learned that at ASHO he was known as DickC to distinguish him from DickO (Dick Orciuch) who was also a supe and an all-around good guy.

Good that DickC made it out in time to have a life for a few years; I wish the same for DickO.