Riverside County, April 20, 2010


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From the April 20, 2010 Riverside County Board of Supervisors meeting:

(NOTE: The dark screen which appears during most of the first two videos is a defect of the Riverside County source video.)

YouTube - Scientology: April 20, 2010 (1/2) David Miscavige Beats His Staff

At 2:17 in the video below, Jeff Stone responds.

YouTube - Scientology: April 20, 2010 (2/2) Jeff Stone Denies Evidence of Violence

Jeff Stone thanked for the seventh time for helping the Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship:

YouTube - RCBOS April 20, 2010: Jeff Stone Thanked for Facilitating a Church's Expansion #7


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I'm betting that Jeff Stone is just salivating at the prospect of abandoning the old folls on that board and hop scotching over to the State Senate chambers (where he won't have to see AO on a weekly basis anymore).

Stone's been kicking up the propaganda & photo ops in his campaign.



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Beyond hideous....


Elect The Next Senator

Kenneth Gerbino & Sue McFarlane
Sue & Rob McFarlane Residence
2552 North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

Friday, April 23, 7:30pm 310 550 6304
This is no regular fund raiser. This has important implications.

Jeff Stone is truly an extraordinary politician who has already proved himself as a friend of ours and a friend of religious freedom.

Exactly the kind of person we want in office.

He is for lower taxes, less government and religious freedom. That's his voting record.

Let's help get him to the State Senate. There are only 40 State Senators in California - the 8th largest country in the world (measured by GDP). So this is indeed a very important position.

He will represent our interests well as well as all Californians He has what it takes to be Governor of California someday.

Join the fun and enjoy a great dinner and lot's of people Donation:
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