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Riverside Ordinance 884 AGAIN, this time introduced by Sheriff-Coroner


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This is the SIXTH time Riverside County is trying to pass this thing.

3.55 SHERIFF-CORONER-PA and COUNTY COUNSEL: INTRODUCTION OF ORDINANCE NO. 884, an Ordinance of the County of Riverside Regulating Targeted Residential Picketing. (3.3 of 2/10/09)

3.56 COUNTY COUNSEL: ® ADOPTION OF ORDINANCE NO. 889, an Ordinance of the County of Riverside Repealing Ordinance No. 888, an Urgency Ordinance Regulating Targeted Residential Picketing. (3.38 of 2/10/09)

Please encourage people to attend, even if they don't want to speak. Their time needs to be ceded to people like Gaham Berry and others that have good public speaking skills.

Note that Jeff Stone is not the one promoting the ordinance this time, but instead the SHERIFF-CORONER-PA. as well as the County Counsel. It's interesting how Stone is trying to wash his hands from this whole thing. I don't blame him !

Since the Sheriff is now in charge of promoting this ordinance, I expect that the argument will now be that it is dangerous to protest at Gold Base on HWY 79 due to the fast moving traffic.
Note that the ordinance was signed by Pete A. Labhan for Stan Sniff, Riverside Sheriff. I spoke at length (~25 min) with Mr. Labahn and I informed him of the entire situation on Feb 10. During our conversation he called Hemet Sheriff Commander John Pingel as well as investigator Kim Judge to confirm my claims. Please don't accept any arguments from ignorance from him, he now knows the story.

Our counter arguments should be (among others and the obvious unconstitutionality of it):

1) The David Allyn Dokich (child molester) pickets occurred on a similarly dangerous road, yet the sheriff HELPED the protesters and provided them traffic control for several weeks.

2) During our protests at Gold Base, the Sheriff HINDERED our ability to protest and forced us to protest on a very small 14" gutter between the pavement and the dirt on the other side. Note that that dirt area is a public easement, 38 feet wide. (Road is 24 feet total, easement is 100 feet total)
See attached pictures and videos showing that we were forced to protest on this very small area.

3) Approximately 10 years ago, when Graham, Keith Henson, Barb and others protested, the same argument of safety to protesters were used and got defeated.

4) They are still trying to use the "preserve the peace, tranquility, and sense of security" arguments. It is important to point out, once again, that they blast a 110 dB painful sound during the protests.

5) From a Supreme court ruling: "Madsen, quoting from Boos v. Barry, 485 U.S. 312 (1988), ‘[a]s a general matter, we have indicated that in public debate our own citizens must tolerate insulting, and even outrageous, speech in order to provide adequate breathing space to the freedoms protected by the First Amendment.”

6) Protest across the street or away from the main picket target, forces us to disrupt the neighbors more than the intended recipient. This is obvious, but bears repeating.

7) Here's a VERY important point: They are trying to reduce the distance from 50 feet to 30 feet thinking we will accept this. It is still UNACCEPTABLE, primarily because, in the case of Gold Base:


I need to repeat this, because many people still don't understand what I'm talking about: Gold base is a large 700 acre property, with State Highway 79 going right through it. According to three maps I have, the total easement of Hwy 79 is 100 feet. There are no sidewalks on either side. Therefore, if we are forced to protest 30 feet away from the property line and scientology own both sides of the street, we would forced to picket in THE MIDDLE of the street.

To further explain, (because it was misunderstood on WWP), this has nothing to do with the easements on either side of the road. The 30 feet is simply the distance from the property line and not the middle of the street.

So, if we want to picket at the guard shack, which is roughly in the middle of the entire property, along Hwy 79, we have to stand 30 feet from the property line. We can't go on the other side of the street since the Scilons own that too. We can't go in the middle of the highway either. A police officer evaluating the situation and reading the ordinance literally, would advise us (most likely order us) to protest at the far edges of the property, past Sanderson to the north or south of the Golf Course (both approximately one mile away). This is how the ordinance is written, and I'm pretty sure it was deviously intentional.

If you attend and speak, be sure to insist that this ordinance will be fought in the California courts and well as the federal courts. Does Riverside county have the money to defend this ordinance ? Hmmm?

Please arrive at the board of supervisors early and leave late. Have your cameras ready. Last time I was there, I stayed about an hour later and saw Scientology lawyer Samuel Alhadeff in a conversation with a white bearded man that looked exactly like the man from the March LA protest that people identified as "This man has a gun". I didn't dare take a picture for risk of violating judge orders, but if you see this man, please take a picture. Be on a lookout for other PI's like Ed Richardson, Tacoma Terror and Charlie Egar (OSA, LA), all of which been seen that the Riverside City Hall.

Thanks for attending the previous events and hope to see you there on Tuesday morning.





4080 Lemon Street, Riverside, Calif.

(Clerk 951-955-1060)

9:00 A.M. (Be there early, it's crawling with PI's)


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I have included the ACLU (national) on several of my e-mails and never once have they replied. Graham tells me that Scientology is the only organization that they will not fight.

I hear that the Pasadena chapter of the ACLU is very active and would probably be willing to listen. If anybody here wishes to go to their meetings, be my guest. I will try to find time to go myself.


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Since the Sheriff is now in charge of promoting this ordinance, I expect that the argument will now be that it is dangerous to protest at Gold Base on HWY 79 due to the fast moving traffic.
Interesting development...

Thread at OCMB / Security Measures at Gold Base ; Post from Benny's Friend today (apr 24)

Looks like the property line, the fence anyway, has been moved back at Gold Hemet. Scrubbery cut back too.. And the sprinklers for watering picketers has been removed!

There's a post by Blownforgood giving the story of when the fences were moved close to the curb.. To make it dangerous for picketers by forcing them onto the road.

Apparently the cult has had to abide by some demands from Orange Riverside County.. Jeff Stone? - These issues came up as the PR stinker of the century in the recent ordinance 884 hearings.. And the TV broadcasts by KESQ..



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It'd be Riverside County. As big as Orange County, but about 10% the population and 5% the money :)



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Looks like the property line, the fence anyway, has been moved back at Gold Hemet. Shrubbery cut back too.. And the sprinklers for watering picketers has been removed!

I got a document form the County (dating back a few years) where Gold Base requested that the PROPERTY LINE be moved based on the position of their existing fence position ! Talk about chutzpath !

(Fourth item down)

I posted and mentioned to as many people I could that I would FORCE them to move the fence back. They could not stand the embarrassment of having to move a fence by AO's orders ! So they moved it (or somebody at the Board of Sups got them to do so) !

Regardless, I'm sure it's quite a setback for them and whomever did the work must be starting to have doubts about the strength of their cult.