Robotic Mind Control and Scientology


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It boggles the mind (not under mind control) as to how Scientology is allowed to operate in the United States. The US Government is suppose to protect citizens from fraud and abuse (with businesses and non-profits and Scientology is both) yet, subsequent to hundreds of thousands of stories and reports about the abuse, extortion, fraud and deception Scientology has committed and still does - this Cult has not been shut down, by the United States Government.

Here is a video on the subject of robotic mind control ~ it sheds some light on the WHY the United States Government has not shut down Scientology and prosecuted the likes of David Miscavige for crimes against humanity!

Please read up on Operation Paperclip.

There has got to be some benefit the United States Government is obtaining by allowing Scientology to be considered a religion and a NON-PROFIT. Is Scientology an experiment for the US Government. We all know Scientology uses deception and force to control the members. Why is it still operating in this Country?

Mind Control Operations use the term: HANDLER'S
....and who else uses that term to handle the Celebrities and Whales - Scientology uses this term too!! Coincidence? I think not!
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