Ron The Criminal

Free Being Me

Gerry Armstrong, Berlin, important talk, 17 September, 2011

L. Ron Hubbard&MarySue Hubbard attempt to destroy Paulette Cooper, CBS '60 Minutes'

Magoo and Arnie Lerma talk

Nan McLean's story.

New Paulette Cooper video clip

Scientology: A faith for sale, BBC program, 1967
The Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard

Scientology's heartlessness - origins of (Susan Meister cover up)


Diamond Invictus SP
There's of course this as well:


Free Being Me

Here's another piece of evidence....

When Ron ordered his direct junior, Nancy Many onto the RPF when she was pregnant, and the conditions she was in were truly horrifying, which she details in the book.

There's of course this as well:


Thank you T4 for adding to this thread. :happydance: I see many testimonies, witnesses and documentaries spread through out ESMB and thought it convenient to collect some of that information into one thread. Thank you in advance to those that find more books, first hand accounts, and videos, as a compiled reference to Hubbard's criminal actions through Scientology.


Mankind's greatest friend. :hmmph:

Yep, and yet he wanted to produce a movie called revolt in the stars to key everybody in so that they would run into orgs to get auditing.

And he put a volcano on the cover of dianetics to key everybody in so that they run into orgs to get auditing because they feel so bad.

And he put other images on other books to key people in.

Yes sir, the people are certainly keyed in. Nobody shows up at orgs anymore. :thumbsup:

I believe what hubbard tried to do above is called black dianetics or black scientology.


Putting people in harm's way - by policy. Violence is approved of.


This is but another piece of enantiodromia because Scientology is the Church of Depraved Indifference...a complete mortuary where people stand negligently idle by while disasters occur where any sane person would act.

That Ron...what a gas!


Free Being Me

Marc Headley (pt.1) - Ex-Scientologists Speak Out [1 of 17]