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This court document is very self-explanatory: L. Ron Hubbard tortured his second wife Sara Northrup. He tried to make her kill herself because he did not want the "inconvenience" of a divorce (even though at the time he married Sara Northrup he was still married to his first spouse). He subjected her to sleep deprivation to lower her volition, and then provided her with fatal doses of sleeping pills. He strangled her so hard that her hearing in one ear became permanently impaired. Hubbard also used the family car to deliberately run into Sara. Hubbard also kidnapped Sara's child and used the threat of violence toward that child against Sara. Finally, to evade divorce court proceedings, Hubbard fled the state of California and went into hiding so that he could not be served a subpoena. Nice guy, eh? Hubbard continued to harass her and her child long after she escaped him (see bottom panel below).