Lot of stuff said on this thread.

I just want to say...that "present time" as a goal...or an existence to strive for is absolutely nuts....IMO

If one were only in the present......then one would not understand or know what had happened in the past. One might not have "memory" or understand "past"

Taken to an would not know how to tie one's shoes,.....for example.

One would not be able to relate or compare anything happening "now" to anything else....there would be no reference to anything. would not "know" anything.....

This is one problem with OT8 imo...


True Ex-Scientologist

The road to more sanity is to ignore Hubbard's so-called BTs and any so-called psychic warfare by extraterrestrials.

Re-join the modern human race right now in the WOG world, as imperfect as it will always be.
Legitimate scientific research is on-going and there will always be gaps in knowledge to fill.
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So this is what I'm getting......

Hubbard came up with Scientology because he had a bad experience at a dental appointment? :omg:

Sure La Fatty talks about scientology.... :yes:

But never heard the part about nitrous oxide....and an out of body experience... :unsure:

The part about the "smorgasborg of knowledge"....fills in a few blanks for me.... :p

I don't like going to the dentist either... :grouch:


Perhaps David Miscavige got a hold of Excalibur and read it......

That would explain a few things....


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As far as I understand, black magic has to do with the control of entities and spiritual beings that do the dirty work, and there is where magic and probably occultism has to do with entities or demons. Crowley, being a black magician, used entities. Hubbard is releasing them... with the purpose to control them? I don't know. This depends on Hubbard's intentions.

The following might explain why Hubbard might not get rid of his "personal demons". Specially the ones implanted during his kidnapping by the US Federal Government.

Warning. The text might contain confidential information on OT III.


Those that were kicked out of the CofS carried on outside. Many small centers formed around individual auditors. In terms of research William Brenton Robertson, a long-time Sea Org member, carried on along the line of Hubbard’s intentions... In honor of Hubbard’s novel of 1938, Robertson called this process “Excalibur”.

Because of his former CofS connections Robertson and his associates were in the position to put together an impressive list of ex-CofS auditors all around the world, contacted them and taught them the new method... Hubbard’s old OT III battle of 1968 had received a fresh impetus in 1985, seventeen years later.

The next “generation” of BTs (entities) were different. Although they could be made to disappear during the session, they “grew back” over night - as if they had never gone away! Auditing them again (and again and again, day after day) revealed that each one leaving was replaced by identical installations within some hours only... It was at this time (still in 1985) that the term “Monitor” was coined.

The conclusions Hubbard and his associate Fuller had to come to in 1950 were reciprocated by Robertson in 1985. The difference was that after almost 20 years of OT III auditing having occurred all around the globe (1968 to 1985) the sheer amount of BTs and Clusters was considerably reduced; Robertson wasn’t faced with quite the same resistance as Hubbard.

With that advantage and recognizing that one was engaged in a live battle, one could concentrate on fighting the actual enemy instead of his ammunition, the Monitors (which despite all the auditing already done still seemed inexhaustible)... - and discover control stations! Some on space stations, others on Mars or remote planets outside this solar system, some even on Earth (Pyrenees). These stations weren’t BT imagery, no figments of imagination - they were real...

Instead of merely auditing the BTs and Monitors sent to Robertson and his auditors, they proceeded to audit the operators supervising them on their computer screens. They helped these thetans to get rid of their own control entities which kept them in line, made them switch off the power supply, leave their bodies and go off. This was easy insofar as their job satisfaction wasn’t particularly high (what with ten thousand years on the same post), and since their understanding of what they were doing was limited due to instruction by implant exclusively, it didn’t take much to convince them that there was more fun to be had elsewhere, with more ethical purposes. Leaving their bodies was no problem to them as they didn’t use flesh bodies.

In 1986, after one year of Excalibur auditing all around the world, there were signs of the enemy’s morale weakening. It was often sufficient to mention that one was working for Elron to get a resigned “Oh, not again!”, and key people of the opposing side would agree to be audited without any further resistance. This continued throughout the hot phases of Excalibur between 1986 and 1988. Every three months the case would present a different pattern, because the enemy had worked out something new to cross Robertson’s purposes. This would be reported to Robertson and communicated by telephone to all other auditors, and so one was prepared for the “novelty” to come up. Or one would bump into a novelty, not know what to do, phone Robertson and learn that he already knew about it from his own or another’s sessions. This system worked very well.

The Pied Pipers of Heaven, by L. Kin.



My Version of Ron and Crowley

Here's what happened. When they started pinning the first of twenty-one medals on Ron he was a hopelessly abandoned cripple and when they finished pinning the twenty-first medal on Ron he was healed. (Ron was abandoned by his wife moving into his parents' house while she's trying to track him down for child support since she hadn't heard from him since 1943…but Ron can't find her.) This miracle healing set the Navy on its ear and they begged and pleaded for Ron to go investigate the rocket scientists down in Pasadena and rid the world of this secret black magik ring as an undercover black ops secret mission.

Ron went. He found the scene very, very bad and a girl was saved. The operation was a super roaring success as the black magik ring was broken, never to rear its ugly head again. HIP! HIP!

Then Ron went on to lecture these Scientists to abolish the nuclear bomb.


Secretly, though, this girl…who was a housekeeper at this rocket scientist joint…showed up on Ron's doorstep destitute and pregnant! Ron had no idea that she was a Nazi/Commie spy until after she pulled a phony divorce caper and attacked Dianetics! Dianetics was under attack from day one!

Later, these commies tried to lure Ron away with MEST and money and titles and prestige! And when that didn't work they kidnapped him and injected air into his heart!! Later, he was jumped by a couple of them but Ron learned lumberjack fighting from his granddad and walloped these characters! All in an effort for them to steal the secrets of the mind…instead of just buying Dianetics like the rest of us…so they could enslave the world with Richard Nixon!!

Anyway…back to the Nazi/Commie spy.

She's a saved girl from a bad cult (he saved her).

She was his wife in one written piece (where he and her are victims of some outrageous PR attack - implying that the attack is below the belt and affecting his innocent spouse and becoming personal).

She's a commie spy attempting to ruin him with fake divorce stories.

Later he gives an interview and he never had a second wife.

She's a housekeeper at a place where the nuclear physicists hang out (Parson's cult).

She's a strumpet in a free sex cult.

She's somebody that showed up on his doorstep pregnant and desperate (to his estranged daughter).

She's in letter after letter that Ron writes to the FBI.

Somewhere he's lamenting her and his lack of control over her so he admits that everything regarding Mary Sue is planned so he doesn't go through that again (this is where he's talking to some personal nurse attendant who didn't even know who the hell Sara was)…he says he woke up from being drunk with her in his bed! Later, presumably, that's Ron saving her!!

He writes her a letter and confesses and professes he still loves her.

He took out ads in his newzines offering something like 10 or 15 thousand dollars to whomever could clear her.

In the early seventies a story was being circulated by the Guardi-
an's Office that Sara had died. According to the story, just prior to
passing away - while on her death bed - she had asked to see Hub-

Ron responded immediately and came to her side. She looked at
him sadly and said, "Will you forgive me Ron? Everything I said was
lies." And he said, soothingly, "Of course."

Then, according to the story, she added, "I had to do it Ron, I was
being blackmailed." And he answered, gently, "Why didn't you tell
me? I would have done something."​

Just think how many entities this one woman is? This is a real live breathing human being and not one of Ron's imaginary playpals.

I'm feeling just a little bit stupid right about now....
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Re: My Version of Ron and Crowley

Secretly, though, this girl…who was a housekeeper at this rocket scientist joint…showed up on Ron's doorstep destitute and pregnant! Ron had no idea that she was a Nazi/Commie spy until after she pulled a phony divorce caper and attacked Dianetics! Dianetics was under attack from day one!

In his 1968 TV interview, there's this exchange

HUBBARD: "How many times have I been married? I've been married twice. And I'm very happily married just now. I have a lovely wife, and I have four children. My first wife is dead."

INTERVIEWER: "What happened to your second wife?"

HUBBARD: "I never had a second wife."

I would have loved it if the interviewer had then asked "If you never had a second wife, then what the fuck is Mary Sue's relationship to you?"

But the interviewer probably realized that trying to pull that withhold would have resulted in Ron walking out. Actually, it was technically true, since he married Sarah while still legally married to his first wife, Polly, making his marriage to Sarah invalid.



The best video I’ve seen in a long time, tell me if I’ve got the gist,

Wonnie, uninvited, goes to see these guys, who’ve got no idea who he is, doesn’t bother to change his clothes, and blunders into a room where they are having a bit of a chin-wag,
Possibly in the cafeteria, probably the bar,
They are not bothered about seeing him, until,
He grabs the only chair available.
Now they’re getting pissed.

In the room are:

A great many old-time atomic physicists
the people from Los Alamogordos
a very vast number of atomic physicists
the nuclear physicist
these men
these fellows
the movement
this organisation
the atomic physicist
and someone called ‘him’- he’s the fall guy.

Won opens his gob but ” We couldn’t get any thought to them that was rationally workable.”.

We don’t know if he tried any of his "irrationally workable thoughts”

Ronnie wanted to save the world, he wanted to get them to use his 'atomic propaganda weapon'.

But they were well and truly pissed by this time. Maybe drunk.

And these men could only say one thing "We wish to overthrow the government of the United States by force”. At this time they were extremely pissed, or drunk. Or both.

But, each one had his own personalised edition of an atomic bomb! Possibly in his garage.

They could do it! They could use force!
Ronnie was beginning to see the dangers of mutiny. Even on land.

But, thankfully, Albert Einstein, no less! took up Ronnies baton. err, 'Wronnies Atomic Propaganda Weapon of Mass Propagandising'. And all was well.

And the fall guy, “him”?
Well, "The punishment taken against him was severe.”

He suffered a major outgrowth.

You couldn’t make it up.
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You're so theta! Plus, you can duplicate, thank gawwwd! Unlike the vast majority of wogs posting here.

What say you we throw a HIP! HIP! Ron's way!
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Your so theta! Plus, you can duplicate, thank gawwwd! Unlike the vast majority of wogs posting here.

What say you we throw a HIP! HIP! Ron's way!

'I got eyes, but I can't see' someone said.:rubeyes:

Please don't use the duplicate word:omg:

Scary thing, there was a time that video would have impressed me.:yes:

If I had the skills, I would love to interweave a second commentary, explaining, as the guy's talking, what lies behind his completely awesome bullshit.

Great posts.:clap:

I'm not sure what a vast majority of wogs is....but,

the world of smilies is new to me, gotta love 'em.
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Ron's the first, best, most, greatest and you and I get that...we duplicate it. That's what I mean in a wink wink J&D way.

I just don't know if I can ever forgive myself after listening to such stupid stuff!


Ron's the first, best, most, greatest and you and I get that...we duplicate it. That's what I mean in a wink wink J&D way.

I just don't know if I can ever forgive myself after listening to such stupid stuff!

Because you posted it I knew that it would be good stuff.

I wasn't quite prepared for how good.But I was prepared to just watch and listen. Alone, without it being bigged up, in a group, so that I wouldn't be compelled to 'flow admiration to it!'

which is another way of saying 'don't think about it, just flow admiration at it??!!'

Does anyone anywhere accept this?

Jeezus, oh and buddha.

Seriously, I didn't need to duplicate it. I watched and listened to it. The video did all the work!

Using study tek, if I duplicate it, then I've made a copy of it. In my brain. [or mind] But you already posted it! How many copies do we need! And if it's in my brain how do I criticise it ?:omg:

Scientology is quite diabolical.:headspin:

I just, better not lose that video link :old: